11 Best Ways To Launch Mobile App

Today, millions of applications are launched inside and outside the application stores. The environment of application marketing has become competitive. Earlier, the volume of applications in market was lower, hence after development, nobody thinks of marketing plan and strategy while launching an app. But at present, it has become requirement to build effective launch & marketing strategy in order to generate revenue from app. Here, this blog presents 11 best tips to launch a mobile app successfully.

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All the tips have been divided according to 3 phases of application launch, including Pre-launch phase, launch phase and post-launch phase.

Let’s Have A Glance Over The Effective Tips

Pre-launch Phase

1. Set Up Your Goal

It is imperative for everyone to be aware of their goal because with the help of this you will be able to know that whether you are successful or not. Therefore, in terms of launching app, set the aim of achieving certain active install rates, average rating and number of customers’ reviews.

2. Identify The Best Channel For Launching

Try to find out the best platform, where you can get the large number of customers. Moreover, you need to devise the effective strategy in order to bring all the potential users to one platform. This will help you get higher rating and ranking. You can start from the reputed official app market, then you can publish your app to other stores.

3. Prepare Video & Textual Content For Your Application

Video is the best expressive tool for showcasing the application’s elements, like features, functionality, appearance and everything. You should develop the video that demonstrates the interface design, workflow and features. With the help of emulator, iShowU and SimFinger, you can develop the video for your app easily.

In the online marketing, the textual content plays vital role. Therefore, prepare all types of contents, such as press releases, blogs, articles, newsletters and other contents for social media platforms, like Facebook & Twitter. Do not leave any content for the last-minute preparation because it will become difficult to prepare the content effectively.

4. Know The Best Publishing Platform

You should research the relevant publishing platforms that are having good rank in search engine page and where you can post your press releases and blogs for your application. This will help you influence the online searchers to buy your application. It will be better, if you use those platforms that match every feature of your app.

5. Tell Bloggers & Reporter About Your App

When your application is launched, then bloggers and reporters will publish the content that describes your application. Therefore, prior to the application launch, you should tell them everything about your app and releasing date. This will simplify the way for bloggers and reporters to write about your app. You should prepare the list of bloggers and review website that you will use on the day of releasing app.

Launch Phase

6. Connect With Your Existing User Base

Reach to your existing users’ base with the help of community website, blogs, social media, newsletter & other media and publish the content. It is better, if you encourage them to spread the word about your application to other users (who are outside your users base). Do not forget to include the link that can easily direct the readers to your application, so that users can download the app easily.

7. Use Twitter & Facebook Effectively

On the day of application release, try to publish post on Facebook and tweet multiple times the whole day. You should use hashtag in both the social media in order to promote the mobile application. Moreover, monitor all the social channels thoroughly.

8. Reach To All Bloggers & Reporters

Publish all your blogs, articles and the press releases on the reputed platforms. You should take the help of bloggers and reporters in order to boost awareness of your application. Send your application detail to the review and other publication websites (who are interested in your app and want to post about your app).

Post-Launch Phase

After successful launch of app, there is a requirement to maintain the momentum in the application market, here are few tips that help you:

9. Deploy The Paid Advertising Campaign

The paid advertising campaigns will maintain the visibility of your application and even boost the marketing of your app. But, remember that, you should deploy the paid advertising campaign soon after the launch of application.

10. Partner With Other Developers For In-app Advertising

The In-app advertising can be helpful for maintaining the brand awareness. Partner with the developers, who will integrate your app with their application to promote your application. But for this, you need to choose the right partner, do not select the partner on the basis of size of users’ base. It is not necessary that promoting the application among the bigger users’ base can make your campaign profitable. You should choose partner on the basis of type of users’ base. It will be helpful in successful application marketing.

11. Do Not Stop Press Releases

If you are going to develop the app and integrate some new feature with your application, then stay in touch with your reporter and keep them updated about your application regularly.


Hopefully, these 11 tips will be helpful for you to launch the applications successfully and generate the expected revenue. If you find any confusion in any of the point, then write to us by using the comment section. We will definitely reach to you.

Author Bio :- Ashni Sharma is a specialist in mobile application development & designing and has been associated with Appschopper for many years. He/she has contributed various innovative ideas about application development through his/her blogs and articles that are valuable for every mobile development company. You can follow her @Google+, Linkedin.