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4 Difficult But High Value Link-Building Tactics You Should Start Following

Link-building is one of the essential SEO metrics which can provide the required thrust to achieve that elusive first page search engine ranking. There are several ways to build quality back links. While they do improve a page’s rank to a certain extent but fail to offer top slot in SERP’s. Mentioned below are 4 difficult but high value link-building tactics you should start following.

1. Tame Internet Pundits –

There is a saying “A man is known by the company he keeps”. The same adage applies to organizations of every type. It is pertinent these days, to offer quality information/content to customers and public through various avenues, especially internet which is considered the numero uno marketing platform. But, the rules of this digital space are typically controlled by search engines and their complex algorithms. And it is no secret that search engines love fresh and popular content.

This is easier than done as most new business entities have limited reach and relationships to exploit, and popularise their brand or product.

However, relationships can be developed. The million dollar question is how. One of the difficult yet proven methods is to reach out for authors and bloggers who command respect and reverence in a niche area quite similar to yours. By developing relationship with such entities companies can work wonders for themselves in terms of generating high value back-links.

So how do you achieve that? Simple! Mention their name, as an individual or as an author / blogger in your content, comments and various social and business networking sites. Tame their interest and ego through appreciation and praise. Harness these weaknesses and develop healthy relationships. New business organizations who suffer from low network connections and poor visibility can extract leverage from this strategy.

2. A good info graphic is worth a thousand words –

Images in combination with text increases traffic by 10% and more while our brain registers such information instantly. These two diverse metrics offer an insight into human nature. Info graphics, as they are popularly called therefore become a crucial element of any content and content marketing. However, the data within the image needs to be authentic, bold, and clearly readable and drive home the point quickly. Data can typically be obtained from internet resources such as government data centres, private research entities and public information hubs.

In case you have compelling content and discover a suitable info graphic complementing the same you can always seek permission from the owner to link and also request for a back link vis-à-vis your updated content.

The buck doesn’t stop here. Along with info graphics in-house writers need to add catchy headings, sub-headings and narration to turn the content into a complete information resource. This in itself will fetch more back-links over a period of time.

3. Outdated or Deleted Content –

Orphaned, deleted and obsolete content/links can be turned into a goldmine, giving it a new lease of life with minor tweaks. Here are some ways to revive forgotten content and relevant links.

1. Look for outdated content which complements your niche topic, and make a note of all such links. Approach the owner/blogger and ask if he / she would be interested in offering updated content to his/her visitors. Share your updated content and generate quality back links in the process. A word of caution; choose old pages which have high page rank and popularity quotient.

2. Simply offer monetary bliss. Buy the content with the promise to link back to the seller’s website/blog, and at the same time offer due credit.

3. Revival of orphaned documents is yet another strategy to garner quality back links.

4. Guest Posts –

There might be millions of meaningless blogs and websites occupying the cyber space but the fact is there are tens and thousands of those which have turned into resource hub for an array of niche topics.

Scan the internet for such blogs/websites, typically those which complement your organisation’s goal. Jot down the names in a hierarchical order so that it can be easily managed. Pitch your query to the administrators of these blogs. However, before you do that, make sure you check out their page rank, trustworthiness, back links and Google page authority. Once you narrow down your choice, offer guest post submission. When you receive the approval hire specialist writers and submit your content, and in return earn quality back links.

Once your content is read, shared, linked by a chain of web entities your organisation will experience a spike in quality traffic.

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