4 Metrics To Watch When Buying Old Domains For Proper SEO

SEO is an important feature that must be considered when setting up a website and looking to generate traffic. One of the most important steps involved when designing a website is ensuring that it will generate traffic.


Search engine and local optimization foster higher ranking on search engines. Older domains with higher traffic before expiry have gained the trust of the search engines and if you buy such a domain for your business, then you will have a higher ranking.

The following are the guidelines necessary to buy the best old domains for proper SEO:


  1. Moz Metrics

Moz metrics are the SEO elements that are assessed to determine the performance of a domain name on search engines. The most common metrics include:

  • The Page Authority (PA)

This refers to the chances of a web page being ranked on search engine result pages. It is an important metric for a website’s home page.

  • Domain Authority (DA)

While the PA determines the ranking of a web page, the domain authority gives significant insights on the performance of the whole website on search engines. The domain authority is crucial in determining or comparing the performances of two or more domain names.

When measuring the value of two domains, it is highly recommended to use the DA since the values obtained will show real domain performance.

  • MozRank and Backlinks Data

A 1 to 10 rank is used to determine how good a domain’s back links are. A high number therefore denotes good quality backlinks to a website’s homepage. Back links data provides information on the total bank links of a domain.


  1. SEMrush metrics

The best old domain names with proper SEO available in leading sites like Juicy Domains have been found to consider the SEMrush for data used in search engine result pages. The main elements of this metric include the number of keywords the domain ranks for, the monthly organic traffic, and the estimated cost of the traffic that the domain is getting at the moment.


  1. Majestic SEO

The value of a domain is determined by the Majestic SEO by defining the Citation and the Trust flows.

Citation flow is the metric that predicts the value of a domain name in relation to the back links linked to that domain. Trust flow on the other hand determinesthe trustworthiness of a domain. Old domains with good quality backlinks are ranked higher than newer domains. Backlinks data is also obtained using the Majestic SEO. More backlinks data means that the domain is more valuable.


  1. Alexa Ranks

This ranking metric for old domains is a subsidiary of Amazon.com and it is an effective tool for measuring and ranking the general number of traffic to a website, and all other worldwide websites over a period of three months.

In conclusion, old domain names affect the ranking of a web page of a company’s website because they have generated trust with the search engines. The metrics mentioned above will guide you in determining which domain name to pick over the other.

Author Bio :- George Higgins is a SEO specialist at Juicy Domains. His expertise in the field of domains has led to his reception of several awards. Check the company website for more details