5 tips on getting the best rate for used mobiles online

The online portals are very much useful for those who want to buy and sell different articles. There is no regulation that one can buy or sell new item only and hence, it provides a good platform for deal of used items also. There are many instances that the item is either lying non-used or outdated and hence not useful for current user, or the current user has bought an advance version which makes the article obsolete for him. Under any of this situation, one can go for selling the used article on the online portal. There are good chances that one can get good value of the product as well as the product can be useful to someone again. As there are many buyers online, one can turn on the negotiation and can fetch a good value from the buyer.


One can also analyze the trend of sale of such article on the platform. It can give a fair idea of reasonable value which the product can have. There are many other sellers who also may have put the ad for selling same article. There can be another option of not revealing the minimum or maximum price. One more option is to check with the tool of the portal which can also help to decide the minimum sales value of the product. Hence, there are many options by which one can have better value of his item. One can sell any item such as http://www.yuplee.in/used-second-hand-samsung-phones/, car or anything.

5 tips on getting the best rate for used mobiles online

  1. Check with the market value and deduct depreciation: The easiest way to get the sales price is to check the market value and deduct depreciation from the price. Hence, one can reach to a more reliable price.
  2. Check with the maximum selling price tool of the portal:There are different tools provided by the web portals also where one can fill some details and get the maximum selling price of the article in no time.
  3. Check with the competitor’s price: One more convenient way is to check with the price of any other seller. One can check online if there is anyone else who is selling the same item. If there is someone, just make a phone call as a potential buyer and know his selling price. This way one can easily keep the selling price of his product.
  4. Do not disclose any price: It is always safe not to disclose the selling price immediately on the portal. One can write as contact for the price. This way one can fetch good time to know the price and add or reduce the price as per potential buyer.
  5. Negotiate with more than one buyer: It is an old technique to fetch good value for the article. One can negotiate with more than one potential buyer at a time and can sell the item to the buyer who is ready to pay more. Hence, one can have more value of the article.

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