Advertising is a great to promote a Business,  Product & Brand in a public. Advertising is also well know as Ad & mass media content intended to persuade audiences of readers.

Oshup : Advertising opportunities

Oshup is a online magazine blogging website & It cover Technology, Blogging, SEO, Social media latest News etc Topic. Oshup makes focus on Apps, Search Engine, Blogging, News to explore it world wide.

Banner advertisement

Header Banner 728×90 Banner @$150 /Year
Widget Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) @$90 /Year (Right Side)
Wide Skyscraper (160×600) @$120 /Year (Right Side)

Why Advertise with Oshup :-

1. Oshup provides latest news & technology based articles.
2. It has 500 unique visitors each month
3. Oshup has some wonderful article those get traffic such like :-

  • How to Lock Samsung Galaxy s4 Screen
  • An Overview of the Latest SEO Techniques
  • WeChat – Complete Mobile Communication
  • Embedded Post – Facebook’s New Gift to Digital Market
  • What Really Matters for Local Ranking?

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