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Top 5 Productivity Apps For Windows Phone Users

Whoever said that that Windows Phone’s biggest inherent weakness is the number of apps its offers will soon be proven wrong. With Windows Phone slowly gaining traction in key markets in Europe and South America,

Microsoft and its own mobile phone operating system is bound to give iOS and Android a run for its money.

Here’s the thing about Windows Phone applications- they might not be that many compared to what Apple and Android has right now, but they truly excel where it really counts- quality. WP apps run smoothly on the platform without the constant lag and numerous bugs which characterize most of the App Store and Google Play offerings. This is also true to the platform itself.
For any Windows Phone user out there, here are some key productivity apps that you shouldn’t miss. Ranked from 1 to 5, these apps will come in handy for any businessman, student or anyone who wants to make the best out of their smartphone.

5. Yelp

You receive a call from a client, your colleague or your boss wanting to meet up and talk about your next big business proposal, where do you go? You’re driving on an unfamiliar town and you are running out of gas, where would you find the nearest gas station? In situations like this, Yelp comes very handy. Not only does Yelp help you find the best places to dine or drink but it also helps you look for other business establishments like drugstores, hotels, and shops in your locality. On top of that, you can also browse through reviews for each establishment which can help you decide which one should you go to. You can also write your own reviews.

4. Handyscan

If you’re are looking for a way to store and keep track of all the your business cards, receipts, barcodes and documents, WP’s Handyscan might just be your ultimate mobile companion. Handyscan, is, well, a handy scanner that has all the functionalities of a regular scanner. Scan your way through ATM receipts, photos and even maps and save them directly to your cloud storage service provider like Dropbox or Microsoft’s own Skydrive. You also have the option of storing your documents in .jpg or .pdf format and easily send them through email.

3. LastPass

With the slew of online accounts you have, there’s a big chance of you forgetting your username and password. In some not-so-uncommon, you even confuse the username and password of one account to the other. Authentication software service provider, Lanoba actually conducted a study on how often people forget their passwords and it was revealed that 75% of the total respondents somehow forget their account passwords on a daily basis with a 62% chance of abandoning whatever the site or account is that they are trying to enter or log in to. To prevent potentially problematic situations that involves your account log-ins, LastPass come highly recommended. With a simplified interface and added functionality, LastPass for Window Phone is possibly the only password keeper (more like password reminder) you will ever need.

2. Note Plus

A list of productivity tools will never be complete without the all important note taking app. Note Plus is much more simpler compared to other popular note taking applications like Evernote. You can customize the skin of Note Plus using various colors, pictures and graphics and you can maintain the privacy of every note you write by setting a password. The ease of use and access and uncluttered user interface (sorry Evernote) enables users to securely and easily take down notes and reminders during meetings or before going grocery shopping.

1. Cisco WebEx Meetings

A premium business app created by Cisco Systems, Inc., Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8 promises the most flawless professional collaboration experience to users. Urgent meetings while on vacation? Files that need to be sent ASAP? Conference calls you need to attend to? Possibly the most powerful productivity application for those who are often preoccupied with work, WebEx is your one stop solution. It offers services like VoIP, video conferencing, file sharing, private messaging, sketch tools and a host of other useful applications that cater to all your business needs.

These top 5 productivity apps are just some of the many useful apps, games and tools currently offered by Windows Phone users. As the number of apps for the WP operating system continue to increase everyday coupled with the platform’s promise to offer more popular apps (like Instagram, Vine, etc.) into its lineup, it is just a matter of time before Windows Phone starts dominating the smartphone industry. iOS and Android should start watching their backs because WP is just about to level the playing field.

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