Best camera phone in 2015 – Top-Rated Smartphone Cameras

With the ever expanding smartphone market and the constant battle between manufacturers for having the most powerful device, we have seen some really impressive cameras make it to mobile devices. Most high end devices these days are capable to give the budget point and shoot cameras a good run for money. Some even go beyond that adding some tech from high end cameras to mobile phone cameras. Features like phase auto focus, high fps video and optical image stabilisation are getting pretty mainstream on mobile devices. Now a large number of people use the camera phones as primary shooter so for them it is important to pick a device which is good for the job. We list some of the devices which offer good cameras and some devices that will be entering the market soon and claim to have impressive cameras.


Samsung Galaxy S5

With every new Samsung flagship device, crazy rumours start floating around all over the internet. The same happened with the Galaxy S5 and a large fraction of them turned out to be false. The Galaxy S5 brings only few improvements over the Galaxy S4 and the camera is one of them. It has a 16 megapixel sensor and there are some major camera improvements. They have added phase autofocus which makes the focussing unbelievably fast.

The low light performance is also very good which a result of very smart software additions is. It uses multiple images in case of low light and uses them to create blur free low light images that aren’t grainy. It is one of the best smartphone cameras we have seen in a long time and we aren’t saying that for the hardware but all the software that is working behind it to yield the end results. There are many other interesting features on this camera like real time HDR. There are many other modes for you to play with and you can add even more if you like. Samsung will showcase the Galaxy S6 soon which will bring even more features but until then, this is the deal.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus

iPhones always come with impressive cameras and even android purists will agree to this. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus come with 8 megapixel primary cameras.  We mentioned the 6 Plus here because it has got optical image stabilisation as well. The addition of OIS means that the camera shoots at slower shutter and lower ISO while retaining the sharpness of the image. This actually results in less noise in the images as compared to iPhone 6.

The videos on this device come out to be impressive as well. There is new digital video stabilisation which yields smooth videos without adding any distortion. The camera is also good at keeping the subject in focus and you don’t have to tap on the screen again and again to focus. The frame rate of slow motion videos has gone up to 240 fps from 120 fps allowing for even smoother results. The front camera is improved as well and comes with a wider aperture lens now.


Asus Zenfone Zoom

This device is not out in the market yet but has been showcased earlier this year and we were quite impressed. It is a very powerful device running an Intel chipset with quad core processor and 4 GB of RAM. It has got a 5.5 inch full HD display but the highlight here is the camera. Samsung came up with the Galaxy K Zoom which is essentially a fat point and shoot camera with phone features and isn’t very easy to handle. On the Zenfone Zoom, Asus has managed to integrate 3x optical zoom smartly into an 11.95 mm thick body. That is almost half a centimetre slimmer than the K Zoom. It uses laser auto focus like the LG G3 so expect really fast auto focus. While we can’t say anything about the quality of camera, it would be safe to assume that it will be good as they are betting big on it.


Microsoft Lumia 1030

People had their doubts when Nokia changed hands and went to Microsoft. And taking this long to come up with flagship devices isn’t exactly going to help. Until now the Lumia 1020 was the ultimate word when it came to smartphone cameras with its 41 megapixel PureView camera. Now reports suggest that Microsoft is working on a sequel which will be out soon. It is codenamed McLaren and is likely to come with a 50 megapixel camera sensor. It will have a physically larger sensor which is always a better thing. The flash on this device won’t be xenon but a short pulse LED. There is a very good possibility that the device might be launched at the MWC soon.



Even if you don’t plan to wait for the next LG flagship, which is going to be the G4, you can simply go out and buy the G3 right now and you won’t be disappointed. The G3 comes with a powerful hardware, sleek design, excellent QHD display and a very impressive camera. The camera on the G3 comes with laser auto focus which allows it to obtain focus in no time. It is really good at obtaining focus in low light and the dual tone flash makes sure that the white balance isn’t disturbed. The end results are at par with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and even better at times. While it came out last year the device still holds a strong position. There are still many manufacturers who are yet to come out with hardware this powerful and will be able to match with their latest generation of smartphones that they release this year. However it is likely that LG will be coming up with a new flagship near the mid of this year. Sources suggest that they are planning to increase the display resolution even further and cutting down even more on the borders. The camera resolution and sensor size is likely to go up and coupled with the tech it boasts right now, it is surely going to be a great package.

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