Noting Few Best Places in Your Business Arena to Install Security Cameras


The presence of CCTV camera surveillance systems not only aids to secure your work place from burglary, but you can also keep a watch on your employees. In the last few decades most of the commercial establishments have installed CCTV security systems in their premises.

Office buildings and retail outlet owners feel protected and are able to keep a watch of the entire space. As it is the best gadget to keep the important areas in your office and retail stores protected, you need to understand its potentiality and the right ways to monitor your business area with its aid.

There are multiple kinds of CCTV appliances available in the market. Each one has its own unique features and different working patterns. Thus, it will be best to gain info from online sites designed by leading manufacturers of this kind of gadgets like Samsung CCTV. This is the best visual recording device. The advanced digital camera provides clear picture too.

Before installing the required visual security system, you need to know how to select the important places where the device has to be fixed.


Here are few important places where the devices need to be installed:

  • Entrances and exits of the building: To monitor the entry and exit of your customers, employees or visitors is quite essential. Moreover, when intruders see a surveillance camera above the entrance door or near it, they are less likely to commit any crime. It will be beneficial to install cameras inside and outside the entrance, as it will help you to have clear visual evidences.
  • Near customer service desks or the billing place: It is quite helpful to keep track of the cash registering space and customer service desks where most of the billing and payment process takes place. Not having a CCTV camera here is sure to be disadvantageous for your business. In banks and retail shops, placing this device seven feet above the ground facing the desk will help in monitoring any financial fraud.
  • In places where valuable items are placed: It can be the locker room, filing cabinets safe or the place where you keep your cash. Positioning of the camera in such a way to help detect any illegal activities immediately is quite essential.
  • Supply or storage rooms: Screening of the places where you store your goods or files is quite useful to know if any malpractice has taken place if there are any issues regarding missing files or products.
  • Customer interaction area or reception area: This helps in keeping a check of the monetary transactions and the conversation between your employee and customers.
  • It will be best to hide the cameras behind the wall decoration fixtures or cover them. This helps to catch the thief or any illegal activity easily. Your employees will be cautious of lazing around while in the office, aiding in efficient productivity and the business process will be done in a rightful manner. The workers and managers will be afraid to indulge in any kind of malpractice or use the office space for their personal activity.

It is advisable not to mount the camera too high, as it will be unable to record the clear view of the people. It will be beneficial to appoint experienced technicians to install the Axis CCTV Camera, as this will ensure that you will not face any functional issues later on. Having quality surveillance system may be costlier, but it is worth every penny as you are sure to feel distressed regarding any malfunctioning in your business premises.