How Instagram Can Increase Your Profit!

Instagram, a popular photo-sharing site, is considered by marketers as a favorite platform to boost their online presence. In fact, some brand owners even claim that they have more online engagement through this platform. Thus, it’s quite easy to understand why most businesses have stepped up their social media marketing campaign.


If you own a startup online business and still have to learn the ropes in Instagram marketing, then this article is your gateway to increase your profit in the platform successfully. Here are the smart ways of how to increase views on Instagram videos and pictures that will certainly boost your profit:

Hashtagging as an Alternative for the Search Icon

If you want people to fund your profile or posts, they no longer have to click any search icon and type in your profile. Instagram has a more exciting and fun way of finding people through the famous hashtag symbol. Hashtagging makes it easy for your followers and non-followers to search for you trending photos or posts. Hence, it is easy to increase your number of followers and increase views on Instagram videos.

Once you have established your brand through several creative and strategic hashtags, pushing your brand to your target market would be much easier than before. The more people you reach with your posts, the more chances you get by reaching your target market. This is indeed very helpful for your startup business, especially for branding purposes.

Awesome Tools Geared Towards Marketing

As if trending hashtag isn’t enough, Instagram also offers its users amazing marketing tools that are specifically developed to help you in your business. Seriously, this platform has incredibly efficient tools that you wouldn’t have thought you need for your business until you use them.

Visual appeal is a critical aspect of online marketing; thus, it is important that you integrate photos or videos in your post to lure people into clicking your profile link. Fortunately, Instagram has a creative tool to help you in this department. Aside from the built-in photo editor, you can also use tools like A Color Story to enhance your photos even more. Instagram also has a built-in video editing features to increase views on Instagram videos.

Another marketing tool that you can utilize is the Iconosquare. If you want to be updated on the performance of your marketing content, then this analytic tool is an excellent choice. Most businesses utilize this tool to keep track their performance after they buy likes on Instagram or after they have implemented a new marketing tactic. In online marketing, monitoring your performance and making sure you’ve accomplished your goals is very vital for the success of your business.

Engaging Community

Instagram is one of the easiest platforms to grow your followers. If you doubt this claim, then allow us to explain why. Sure, one has to follow you to be updated with your posts, but that is actually the whole point of the campaign—to encourage people to follow your brand, not just to give it a one-time view. Once you’ve been followed, it’s now easy to interact to that follower. This way, you’ll have the assurance that the people who follow your account are those who are interested in your business.

Another interesting aspect of the platform is the very generous amount of follow-back that you can get. The trick here is quite simple. Follow the account of your target market, and they will certainly follow you back. You don’t have to buy likes on Instagram on the spot, just try this simple tactic first and see if it works for you.

Sponsored Posts and Reviews

In the case wherein all your marketing efforts fall short, or you just want to reach more audience further, you can always go for the sponsored posts and reviews. This is a common trend for most brands, aside from to buy likes on Instagram, that want to tap a wider group of audience. You can tap into those larger accounts with the same niche and ask them to feature your marketing posts in their accounts. This will give you more exposure and grow your empire of followers in no time.

However, this might cost you a bit more as compared to those mentioned above, but this is certainly worth it if you know how to utilize the opportunity properly.

Author Bio :- Sheena Mathieson understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes to online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.