How Oppo phone is a tough competitor for leading phone brands?

Oppo is a Chinese phone maker, thesales for which have increased by a great number due to introduction of flagship Find 7. In fact, no one was aware about this manufacturer till the time it launched its Find series. The mobile gives tough competition to many of the best sellers available in the market. The reason may be high resolution screen, pricing of mobile, marketing short it is a solid phone from a relatively unknown company.The phone is successful due to its strong performance and HD choice of screen which makes it a choice of many buyers of this range. It will also gives you an experience of learning a new flavor of Android. Advantages of buying Oppo 7 are that it comes with plenty of horsepower and it can be fully charged very quickly.


The reasons why you should opt for Find 7a:

  • Hardware: It comes with squared –off corner look and flat sides and a gentle, smooth at backplate. The available colors are white and dark gray. The model is designed with 13 megapixel camera and Dual LED flash. To pop the back cover off, use your fingernails and you will be able to remove it very easily. You can find a 3000mAh battery along with micro –SIM and SD card slots.

One of the main attractions for the user of this phone is its 5.5 inch display screen. The 5-Megapixel camera is situated on the top nearby a blue notification light. It is tough to view mobile screen in summers or during daylight under the sun, which is common to most of the smartphones.

  • Display and Sound: The screen of the mobile makes it much desirable among the buyers. The design philosophy of the company is to lock your eyes on the screen. Do not expect much high media output from the speakers. Actually, there is one speaker located on the backplate of the mobile, which gives good quality output.
  • Software: The software of the mobile Find 7 is core Android 4.3 presented with extensively customized interfaces. The mobile comes along with a swipe screen lock which is very common in other mobiles. Around 150 skins options are available for the user.
  • Camera Performance: Camera interface is available on the home screen by default. It is a traditional type of camera with 13 megapixel, offering better picture effects. It comes with different buttons for camera shutter and video recorder and mode change operation is handled by a different menu.
  • Performance and Battery Life: The mobile comes with 3GB RAM with processor, which makes it a great best option amongst different mobiles available in the market. The mobile can handle everything you use it for throughout the day. The user can experience comfortable time scrolling and in between menu transactions.

The model Find 7 is launched with great design and attractive display screen .The mobile is made up of good quality plastic and the weight of the mobile is evenly distributed throughout.It comes with all connectivity features like Bluetooth , Wi-Fi and file manager option too.