How to Get Traffic through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an app that allows you to IM chat between mobile phones. It is similar to allowing you to send sms messages except that you do not have to pay. If you have a website then there is no reason why you cannot get people to visit it via any form of communication. Even if you have a Morse code machine, it should still be possible to get your message across so that people may visit your website. Here are a few ways you can get traffic to your website using the WhatsApp application.

Get Traffic through WhatsApp

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Promote your website with “send all” messages

Assuming you have a list of contacts, be them friends or potential customers, you can simply select the “Send All” function and then send the same message to all the people on your contact lists. If you did this sort of thing via email then you would be flagged as junk if you sent it to strangers, and with email the recipients could see all of your contacts. The same is not true when you send a mass/bulk message to the people on your WhatsApp application.

Get more people to use WhatsApp

By promoting WhatsApp you are actually improving your chances of people receiving your messages via WhatsApp at a later date. It is not the most productive way of eventually pulling more people to your website, but the fact is that if your communication medium is more popular then you increase your message dissemination potential.

Now get them as contacts

Obviously, if you are going to go around promoting the use of WhatsApp, then it makes sense to have people add you as a contact. You may have to give people an incentive to have you as a contact too, and to use the app enough so that they see your messages when you do send them.

How to Get Traffic through WhatsApp

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Engage with people more and charm them into visiting

If you have chosen to use WhatsApp to get more traffic, then you may need to do more than just send out mass messages upon occasions. It is probably going to be a good idea actually engage with the people on there. Keep your mind on trying to get more contacts too by getting people to give up the contact details of others, or to have them introduce you to other people via some sort of referral method.

Ask people to promote your website for you

There is little wrong with simply asking others on WhatsApp to promote your website. They may want something in return and they may not. There is a chance that people will promote your website away from the WhatsApp system on things such as their social media profiles and websites or blogs.

Arrange cross promotions between websites

Cross promoting between websites is a good idea, and if you offer to do such a thing on your website where Google can read it then they may penalize your website. The best thing to do is converse with people in private about it, and using WhatsApp you can do that. The Google crawlers are not going to read what has been communicated between people on WhatsApp so you can arrange all sorts of cross-linking and cross promotion and Google will have no reason to believe the occurrence happened inorganically.

Join a group in WhatsApp

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Join a group in WhatsApp

You can join up with a group that has a theme based on one similar to your website or blog. Or, you can create a group and have people contact you via it so that you may one day start promoting to them. You can contribute your ideas and your questions within the group and hopefully engage with a few people in the group.

You may get questions yourself, which is more likely if you set up a group, and through that communication you are able to influence people. You can influence them so that they visit your website, or so that they start influencing others to visit your website. You may even point people to your website in order to answer the questions that people keep asking.

Tell people in the groups about your website

You can explain what your website does, what it offers, and what part you play in it. There is no need to blatantly advertise and promote within WhatsApp, you can simply explain what you do in a frank manner so that people know. This may bring more people to your website if you do not make it appear as if you are pushing your website onto them.

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