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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with many features that most people don’t even know that Android 4.2 device has so much to offer us. While Galaxy S4 same like Galaxy S III, has been accused of having gimmicky software that does not offer any real value, but yet it is still one of the best Android phones in the market.

Customizing the Lock Screen

By default, Galaxy S4’s lock screen doesn’t seem to be more interesting or useful lock screen you have ever seen. When you first pick up the GS4, it may look that lock screen widgets are not available or it’s tricky to find the lock screen widgets. And after all, the default lock screen will be just a big clock widget with “Life Companion” or some other message up on top.

As an Android 4.2 device, S4 includes full support to lock screen widgets, it’s just you should enable them in lock screen settings of the phone. It’s functional sure, but for those who like a bit more features on your lock screen, there are few things you can do to improve it.

Features on Lock Screen

Samsung Galaxy S4’s lock screen does more than just preventing pocket dialing. With the lock screen, you can also access missed events such as new messages and missed calls. You may even access music player controls, view notifications from Notification Panel. You are able to add widgets up to five lock screens and access many of your favorite features right from the lock screen itself.

Here are a few tips on how to customize your lock screen in Samsung galaxy S4.

To lock your screen, press Power/Lock button. To view the lock screen, press the Power/Lock button again.

To modify your lock screen setting,

Go to Menu -> Settings -> My Device -> Lock Screen

You will find a variety of options available for your selected lock screen option. You can change the following settings to customize your lock screen.

Multiple Widgets: Choose this option to display additional lock screens when you have assigned a security lock feature.

Lock Screen Widgets: Adding Favorite apps widget to the lock screen panels. You can also set any message or add a camera or clock widget. You can access this feature by swiping left or right.

Shortcuts: Adding shortcuts to the lock screen is simply by touching one of the listed shortcuts and assigning it to the lock screen.

Unlock effect: Choose the effect which you need to view when you swipe the screen. Few of the effects which are available are None, Ripple effect or Light effects.

Help text: Shows help text on the lock screen

Wake-up on lock screen: You can use wake-up command when you need to set wake-up functions. You can access it using voice commands also.

In addition to the above features, you can also use app shortcuts to your lock screen widgets and customized lock screens are also available. Any widget panels can be customized as of your choice. Like some of the other Samsung widgets, the main clock widget can also be customized. You even have facility to move and manage your lock screens and also be able to edit your lock screen widget settings. Apart from this, you can also edit your lock screen titles by changing the color, text and font which suits your taste.

Hope this guide will be a useful one. Yet find all the stuffs in Galaxy S4 and especially enjoy the lock screen features and have fun.

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