Is SEO Automation Right for Your Small Business



Good SEO is hard to implement. There are so many things you need to do to optimize your website, increase your rankings, build authority for your domain, and get relevant traffic that it can get overwhelming. It would be so easy if you had a tool that could help you attract visitors and build thousands of backlinks with just a click of a button.

There’s only one problem.

The phrase “SEO automation” has become taboo in the aftermath of post-Penguin and post-Panda updates. Most webmasters avoid it, afraid that they’ll be penalized for black hat techniques. And, it’s easy to understand why this happens. Google had punished those who used to build thousands of backlinks from obscure sources and has made it clear that they won’t tolerate any shady technique.

A tool that helps you generate traffic and backlinks with no efforts seems dishonest, especially since search engine optimization has gotten a reputation for being difficult and time-consuming.

But, that’s just one opinion. There are plenty of professionals who believe in the idea of “quick-fix SEO.”

So, is SEO automation a suitable solution for a small business?

Let’s find out.

A Closer Look at SEO Automation

In the old days of SEO, the more backlinks you had, the higher the place in search results you got. Many SEO automation tools focused on the production of backlinks in great quantity and at a fast pace. Meanwhile, Google’s algorithm started putting an emphasis on quality. The types of sites where your links are featured and their trustworthiness are some of the factors that Google take into account.

To build a successful SEO strategy, you need to become an authority in your industry. The only way you can do that is by building trust with your audience. So, what role can an automation solution play in all these?

The right software can take some of the technical pains away. However, no SEO tool could ever replace the content development task, for instance, and that’s one of the things that most people get wrong. They think that installing SEO automation software will magically boost their rankings.

SEO Automation Works, but It’s Not a Sliver Bullet

SEO automation is not a “set it and forget it” kind of tool. Good software can make your life easier when it comes to implementing good SEO, but it won’t take away the hard work required to rank well in SERPs. Here’s the hard truth: SEO is a process, not a solution. So, at best, SEO software can help with your link building need and help you gain a few hundreds of backlinks from different sites.

So, can it help your small business?

The answer is yes, it can.

You cannot deny the fact that some tasks take a lot of time to perform manually, but SEO software can do them on autopilot. There are plenty of solutions, such as SE Nuke or RIO SEO that can automate the creation of backlinks.

But, before you get to this part of your strategy, you need to start with good content, on-page optimization, social signals, and so on. Only then you can attempt to automate some of your SEO efforts.

To conclude, SEO automation can be a solution to keeping up with all your search engine optimization tasks. But, keep a human touch to ensure that you are getting the best results.