SEO Essential Tips to Implement Now for 2017

SEO is a dynamic online marketing field, and so, it’s not surprising that this 2017, SEO services are bound to make new strategies. Experts have many thoughts on what should be this year’s focus; some even say that SEO should be more proactive in terms of approach. Still, it’s important that any SEO practitioner should know the latest technical strategies. In this article, we’ll be featuring some valuable technical tips that can help you improve your SEO performance this year:

Check Indexing

It’s expected that the number of potential indexed pages should be the overall number of pages in your website minus the pages that aren’t considered as part of the database. But, if there’s an enormous disproportion, you should begin planning a review for all web pages that were not indexed. For checking, SEO services usually turn to SEO crawler tools such as Web Auditor and SEO Spider.

Make Sure Your Site Can Be Crawled

If you’re thinking of using Robots.txt to review your websites’ crawlability, then perhaps you should start looking for better ways to conduct your assessment. Robots.txt may be easy, but it’s also argued as inconsistent regarding accuracy. It’s better for you to utilize an SEO crawler tool that can help you get the right data on web pages that are blocked, even if the instruction is located in the robots.txt, noindex, Metatag, orX-Robots-Tag.


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You should also take note that Google now has the ability to render pages like what browsers do. Hence, you need to make sure that all your online resources such as JavaScript and CSS can be crawled, or else, any content in your website will not be indexed. Websites that are widely using AJAX or Javascript are advised to use crawlers that can also crawl in JavaScript as well. SEO services can look for spider tools like WebSite Auditor and Screaming Frog.

Modify Your Crawl Budget

The crawl budget is simply the number of web pages that can be crawled by search engines in a given period of time. One way of finding it is by using the Google Search Console. Unfortunately, the data in the Google Search Console is constricted; thus, you’ll have to use other tools, such as the WebLogExpert, to look for more information.

Computer Tech

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SEOs don’t have an idea how quick can Google delegate crawl budgets to websites, but it’s assumed that the number of internal links and the number of backlinks is key components. If that’s the case, you should try to create backlinks on your website’s relevant pages. It’s also recommended that SEO services should fix broken links, always update the sitemap, make sure the site is registered in Google Search Console. Also, they should be more particular on the pages that need to be indexed.

Assess Internal Links

Internal links help improve a website’s ranking that’s why you’ll need to keep them in tip-top shape. To enhance the performance of the internal links, you’ll have to:

  • Correct broken links. Broken links can annoy visitors, and it’ll certainly not help you improve your rankings.
  • Avoid Redirecting links. Like broken links, a series of redirection can irritate site visitors and will eventually, hurt your rankings.
  • Find orphan pages a home. SEO services are also advised to link some or all of your orphan pages to the rest of your website because if you don’t, site visitors and search engine won’t be able to find them.

Review your sitemap

A Sitemap helps search engines know your site and explore your content. Just like internal links, it can help you improve your rankings.


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To keep your sitemap useful, you’ll have to:

  • Keep your sitemap updated. You should update your XML sitemap when you upload new content.
  • Keep your sitemap clean. Get rid of unwanted pages such as 4XX pages and redirected URLS to avoid getting ignored by search engines.
  • Limit your sitemap’s size. Restrict the number of the sitemap’s URL to 50,000. You should also take note that when you limit the size, you’ll have more site crawls.

And that wraps up our SEO tips for 2017. If you have other thoughts and concerns, don’t hesitate to leave a message.

Author Bio :- Abegail Smith is a content writer at BuyRealMarketing. She offers and shares her prowess in online marketing articles.