Some Mistakes & Misconceptions That Social Media Marketers Need to Avoid

Social media marketing initially had encountered challenging times when it was criticized for leveraging social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for reaching new target audiences. Social media was then dismissed by critics who claimed that it was actually a fad and that there was no chance of generating a positive ROI (return on investment) with it. Today almost a decade later it is quite evident that social media marketing has been able to survive the onslaught and is still leveraging and making the fullest use of the social media power for getting more traffic, greater brand exposure, a boost in revenue-generating conversions and much more.


Today social media marketing seems to be a proven technique and established an aspect of the overall marketing landscape so it could seem infallible. However, there could be a host of mistakes that could be made by social media marketers and even some pretty insignificant things could be impacting the efficacy of the social marketing campaign and make way for your competitors. Here are some of the crucial mistakes made and still overlooked by many social media marketers.

Followers Are All Important

Social marketers pay undue importance to the number of followers and till today they consider the number of followers to be a crucial yardstick for evaluating and measuring their success and popularity. This is obviously, a misconception that is still doing the rounds. It is understandable that your follower counts play a pivotal role in the measurement of the number of people interested in your products and brand and this could reflect the number of people you could now reach directly whenever you are putting in a post. When you see a boost in your followers, you get a real adrenaline rush. However, in reality, there is no point in attaching so much importance to follower counts as the quality and not the quantity of follower is of actual importance. Remember traffic and engagement rates prove to be far effective and fruitful measures.

Automated Posts Are the Need of the Hour

There are numerous automation platforms today for the social media including Buffer and Hootsuite. If you use these apps properly it could prove to be really time-saving. Moreover, you could achieve better idea and understanding of your campaign. However, it is not advisable to automate your campaign fully. If you do that your brand would seem to be robotic and impersonal. Remember you cannot succeed in social media marketing by eliminating the social aspect of it.

Paid Advertising Is the Best Way of Boosting Visibility

Paid advertising could not be the sole way of boosting visibility for your products and brand. You should consider effectively cutting down on the number of posts. You should focus on the quality of posts rather than the quantity. You should concentrate more on generating high-quality unique posts that would fetch more likes, engagements, and shares and obviously, boost visibility for your brand and products.

Social Media Is After All Free

Social media is, of course, free but if you really wish to make the most of the social media marketing you need to put in a lot of hard work and invest a tremendous amount of time in relevant research, drafting of content, posting, even interacting, measuring accurately and analyzing efficiently. Time is certainly the money and obviously, only a judicious investment would reap profitable returns.

Good Content Enough to Lure Followers

Good content certainly is of prime importance but just posting good content is not enough. You need to dedicate all your efforts toward making your unique content visible and do not forget to adopt innovative techniques to do that. If you are thinking of attracting more and more followers, try your best to ensure higher visibility of your posts by engaging effectively with influencers, reaching out consistently to a new audience, publishing on some new platforms and much more.


Social media marketing needs expertise, intelligence, and skill. You must necessarily get rid of the above-discussed misconceptions to achieve success. You must relentlessly strive toward precision and accuracy in your marketing strategies. Do ample research, learn to value your experience, regard your tactics with utmost objectivity if you are aspiring for the best return.