The Different Kinds of Mobile Screen Protectors

Cell phones are expensive items and it hurts a lot to watch your phone getting damaged due to something. Most of the times there is water damage or the screen gets a huge scratch on it which is heart breaking to look at. The repair of the screen may also end up costing you a big load of money so the only alternative is to protect phone screen from harm. Mobile companies are coming up with specialized screen guards for every phone so that every screen stays protected and in good shape for a long time.


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Sometimes specialized screen guards may cost a lot of money but compared to repairing your screen in case it meets some damage the screen purchase cost is relatively low. Here are some examples for protective screen guards for your phone –

  • Invisible Shield – This type of screen protector maintains its pliability and flexibility even after months of using it. It can be used as a covering for front and back sides but the quality of protection will differ because the main screen requires more protection. This shield is precision cut and requires no whatsoever maintenance. It protects your screen from dust and fingerprints as well.
  • Clear protector – A clear protector is only 2 millimetres thick and gives a scratch free protection to your phone screen. It is available only screen protection version and they appear almost invisible. The application of the clear protector is done by application of soap and water on the screen. It is completely harmless and forms a thin protective sheath over the screen.
  • XO Skins – These are protective coverings to avoid scratches on your phone screen and they even help with making a slightly scratched phone screen look better. They are made out of polyurethlene and are great with respect to durability.
  • ScreenGuardz – These are specially manufactured for only certain mobile handsets and the tempered glass note 3 being one of them. Such screen covers provide durability and are easy to apply. They give a black appearance to the screen when viewed from an angle more than 30 degrees. They can also be sprayed with antimicrobial gel so that the phone stays clear off dust as well.
  • Premium screen protectors – These screen protectors are a huge 8 millimetres thick and provide resistant free screen coverage. They are antimicrobial as well and have a lifetime warranty for them. They prevent yellowing of the screen due to ultraviolet rays and protection from these is available for front and back sides of a phone.

There are many varieties of screen protections available for your phone and there are mainly 2 types which are pre-cut type or universal fit type. For less common mobile handsets, the universal fit will suit better because the dealer can make a cut for your phone at the time of purchase. For highly popular varieties of phones, you can opt for the pre-cut type because they are precisely cut as per your screen’s requirements and are easy to apply.