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Top 3 Breaking News for Android Developers and Users

In the present scenario, if someone is making out most benefits from all corners of the world, it is Android app developers and users. Every day a new and astonishing update hits the Android market which completely doubles the delight of developers and users! Not to forget, every new update creates a sensational increase in the sales of Android devices and their applications as well. So, what do we have for this week would be the question drilling the minds of many! Yes, Google doesn’t deceive as you have 3 crucial noteworthy updates which could multiply the joy of Android users across the globe.

Update 1: Xiaomi not breaking up with Android

Most of you would be familiar about this rumor as it has been discussed in most social media sites like Facebook, Twitter by countless fans. The rumor was: Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi all set to break up ties with Android. It really created some sorts of restlessness among most Android users in the recent days as well.
But, in a recent reply to this rumor, the Chinese mobile maker has hit out strongly that they’ve no plans to snap ties with the robust Android platform. Besides, they turned down the question of raising their own operating system to captivate the smartphone users worldwide. This is great news for Android users who felt annoyed because of the widespread rumor.

Update 2: Android KitKat Roll Out

This has been happening over a few months and Android still is tightlipped about the release of its newest version of OS Android KitKat. Application development for Android is on the rage and it is scaling to a new high with every new version release. To the delight of Android lovers worldwide, it is expected that this new OS version might hit the market on October 23, 2013. Though no final announcements from the Google’s Android yet, it might be the very date where the update may be rolled out!
Each and every day teaser photos about the update is posted on Google+ and it adds to the gripping tension among Android app developers and users all around the world. Can this be this week that this fascinating new version hit the market?

Update 3: BBM app for Android Rolled Out Recently

Blackberry, which paused its app roll out for Android and iPhone a few months before has restarted its roll out and it has revealed yesterday. So, the Android app users can relish the new facility of Android app from Google play store in a hassle-free manner. Citing the reason of leak, Blackberry dropped down its idea of rolling out its app for Android and iPhone devices. From now on, the users have to register an email address to download the app and can start using it effectively. This could be a great update for Android lovers worldwide.
From the above statement it becomes evident that Android is on a roll and it could further enhance its control over the other platforms across many parts of the world. I hope the 3 breaking news provided here is useful to everyone reading it.

Author Bio: – I am Zoya Bennet, author of this article. I’m a passionate blogger and have written many articles on Android wireless application development. I’m planning to write more technical articles that would benefit people.

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