Twitter Guide For Businesses – The Value And Benefits

According to Twitter, millions of people share their ideas every day by sending tweets. Businesses are also using Twitter; managers use the service to build strong relationships with their customers. If you are not using Twitter, Aarlon Lee at Ask Aaron Lee reports that there are ten additional reasons why you should design a social media marketing plan.


Connect With Your Customers

Each day, Twitter users check their messages. So, if you have any unhappy customers, they will contact you. By addressing your customers’ concerns, they will trust your brand. As a result, your company will gain more loyal customers.


If you have a small business, you can use strategic Twitter posts to brand your company. To achieve this, you must make a personal account so that your customers will recognize you as the business owner. Using a logo in the early stages is not recommended because consumers typically connect with physical photos faster than new logos.


After your brand is established, your customers will give you a ton of feedback. By reading the feedback, you can improve your products and services so that you can grow your company.


Many business owners use Twitter because it helps them market their products and services to numerous people for free. In addition, whenever you will debut new products or services, you can reach your consumers faster by sending a tweet. According to Patient Sites, promoted tweets can increase retweets and followers by 91 percent.

Twitter Marketing Advice

According to The Miami Herald, by using Twitter’s analytics software, you can efficiently market your business if you follow a few simple steps.

Step One

You must sign up for the Twitter Ads service. Although will must enter your billing information, you will never need to purchase the ads.

Step Two

To market your products and services effectively on Twitter, you must understand how your content is currently performing. So, use the analytic tool to gather information about your follows, favorites, replies, and retweets.

Step Three

After enough information is gathered, tailor your tweets so that they suit your followers. For example, if many followers click on certain tweets a certain number of times, you can get an insight into what kind of content attracts the most attention.

Step Four

Once you understand which tweets generate the most traffic, design contests and promotions to attract the followers to your business.

Step Five

After you have used Twitter for a few months, use the analytic tool to determine when most of your customers are on Twitter. If you post your tweets at the proper times, your content will get maximum engagement.


Step Six

As you company becomes more successful, you must find new ways to reach potential customers on Twitter. For example, if your click rates increase substantially when discount offers are tweeted, design more content that focuses on that topic.

Step Seven

Twitter’s dashboard tracks the number of times users use hash tags. You will gain more potential sales if you tailor your content around the hash tags.