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WeChat – Complete Mobile Communication

Being able to work on various platforms the We Chat application is well renowned and a choice among many. The application We Chat has been developed in China by Tencenet. Those people who use Smartphone which run on the Android operating system and on the operating system of Symbian, Widow, IOS and Blackberry can easily download this application. Being able to operate on various operating systems the We Chat application also supports most languages worldwide like English, Indonesian, Spanish, and Traditional and simplifies Chinese and also Thai, Russian and Vietnamese. The application supporting as many as over 5 languages suggests the worldwide use of it. The users of the We Chat application can easily use the application of all networks whether it is on 2G, 3G or 4G. Other than on these users might also run the application on WiFi

Trying to make the world a smaller place to reside in there are various innovations which are made. The We Chat application is one multimedia application which is working towards it. This multimedia application is for communication at almost no cost. With this multimedia application user can text message, send voice messages, share photos and videos and also share their location. Along with all these contact information sharing via We Chat is also possible. We Chat also has the ability in it to connect with the social networking sites and present to the users the new feeds. Those users who have international friends can also keep in touch with their international friends through We Chat. For the photos which are uploaded and shared via We Chat people can edit they and give special effects with the We Chat application. We Chat users can personalize and add personal messages on the photos using the various tools on We Chat and circulate among their friends. The We Chat application also protects the user data on demand, information backup is also enabled on We Chat and the services are cloud based service. What set apart We Chat are its fast performances and the user privacy on the social networking sites.

There are various sites which allow the We Chat application download. There are various makers and models on which the We Chat application download is possible. There are various download programs of We Chat depending on the models of the phone. With the recent introduction of the We Chat application on the Black Berry the new different version of download is possible. It is safest to download We Chat from the original We Chat official website though the program is available on the different App stores like iTunes, Google Play store and Window Market Place.

Registration on We Chat is done via mobile VM /SMS or even tencent QQ or Facebook Connect. Though the application was launched way back in January 2011 in China under the name Weixin but it was brought to India very recently being promoted by the Tencent stake holders and the gaming site Ibibo and renamed to We Chat!

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