May 21, 2022

As summer approaches, you need to ensure that your air conditioner is properly serviced and it is working fine and offering you the necessary cool air. Any breakdown or underperformance of your AC unit can ruin your night in this hot summer climate.

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air conditioner repair

If your AC unit is likely to develop any serious problem then it will surely show a few signs that you need to notice to be proactive enough to get it immediately repaired. Early taking action can also save your money as you can prevent any possible breakdown of any component of the AC unit.

The following are a few signs that you must note in your air conditioner to call any repair technician immediately.

1.    Warm air

If the air passing through the vents is not as cool as it once was, your system must be working overtime to maintain a pleasant temperature. There can be several reasons like condenser problems, refrigerant leaks, and duct leakage.

2.    Insufficient airflow

ac repair

A dirty air filter, a damaged blower motor, or a faulty fan control board can all cause your fan, which is the culprit for pushing all that delicious, cold air through the ductwork, to substantially restrict airflow.

3.    Everyday cycles

Regardless of the climate, your AC should have the usual cooling cycles. On a hot summer day, you might anticipate your cooling system to remain on more frequently, but it should not cycle on and off repeatedly.

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4.    High humidity

Your AC system is designed to be dry at all times, or mould and mildew could grow in your system. If you observe a leak, then your system may have a broken or blocked condensate drain.

5.    Water leaks

ac repair

Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to keep your home cool, and it may cause condensation while doing so. However, neither of these substances should build-up or leak into the home.

6.    Bad odour

Pest invasion, burned-out wire insulation, and mould growth are just a few of the concerns that can cause foul odours. Take care of these as soon as possible to protect the health of your family.

7.    Unusual noises

When an air conditioner starts up and shuts down, it makes a low-level noise. However, loud, sudden, or odd noises can indicate serious cooling system issues.

8.    Thermostat issues

air conditioner repair

It’s not always your system that’s the issue; sometimes it’s your thermostat. Some warning signals will be obvious, while others will not. Fortunately, your expert local HVAC specialist can quickly rule this out.

9.    High energy bills

If you notice that your energy bill has suddenly spiked up then you must get your AC checked thoroughly by a professional.

You must take immediate action if you ever notice the above signs and don’t let your summer become uncomfortable and end up paying a high bill for emergency repair.

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