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How Should You Amend Your Website with Changing SEO Trends?

Search Engine Optimisation is not a new concept for web developers and website owners. Having officially launched in the year 1997, SEO has made a lot of noise in the world of the internet.

SEO is a great marketing tool that helps websites to attract more traffic that has both quality and intent of using your web services.

Like everything in our world keeps upgrading, SEO has updated itself by leaps and bounds in the two decades of its inception.

Since this tool is dependent on the Search Engine, especially Google, the transformations and innovations that take place there can and will decide the direction of the SEO strategy.

The year 2019, brought a significant invention from Google that might be their best so far.

The Magnum Opus of Searches – BERT

BERT is an acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It sounds fancy.

It is the newest upgrade in Google searches. The update is an important one because it enables Google to understand the context of the words that are typed in the search bar by the user.
Yes, you read it right, BERT is equipped to understand prepositions that can change the entire meaning of the sentence typed by the user.

For instance,

If you type mental health of someone young; BERT would know that someone young is as significant to the user as mental health is.

Understanding this makes the results a lot more accurate for the user.

Turning BERT to Your Advantage

Sadly, there is no technique to manipulate and capitalize on BERT for the SEOs.

However, three things can help you and your website to come on top of the searches.

Focusing on Quality Content

Your website will only be used for its intended purpose if the user likes and understands what it is talking about.

The talking points lie in the content of the website, the better its quality is, the higher will be the traffic on it.

A few aspects judge the quality of the content, these are;

• The Language

Using complex language with a problematic vocabulary that the normal person will not be able to understand will serve you no purpose. Your content should not appear like the dissertation of a Ph.D. student.

If it is that way, you will not have many users read it to know what your website has to offer.

• The Presentation

Next is the presentation. A standard webpage often includes about 1000 to 2000 words. Trust me, the user will not read everything; he will most definitely skim through the majority of it.

So, it would be best if you use more sub-headings and shorter paragraphs that will the skimming process easy.

• The Relatable Examples

Lastly, the use of examples is a must. Everything becomes more evident when it is explained with an example. Since the website aims to capture the interest of the user, an example will help a great deal in that.

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Understanding the User’s Wishes

If the quality of the content is the first step, then the next to understand what the user wants. Being aware of all the trending searches and keywords related to your field will help you in getting a better understanding of the user demands.

For instance,

In the financial instruments pertaining to loans, the phrase no credit check loans with no guarantors are prevalent.

Hundreds and thousands of people type this exact phrase every day to know more about such a category of loan. It does not make total sense, prepositions are missing, yet it is accessible.

When a person searches on Google, he does not care if the spelling is right or wrong, Google will understand it anyhow. So, if a few prepositions are missing, so what?

Therefore, narrowing down these popular keywords is essential.

Aligning Both for Optimisation

The last and the paramount thing to do is for your website to amalgamate these two things.

The language alone will not improve your traffic, and neither will the keywords do it singlehandedly.

Mixing both of these on your webpage will elevate your presence on Google, and you will end up on the coveted first page of the results.

Target Loans, a prominent lending website did the same, and its prominence was no happy coincidence.

The website used plenty of popular keywords on its webpage and kept updating them with the changing trends.

Apart from this, the website also capitalized on all categories of trending topics. It used its favored keywords on these topics to make its audience wider.

If someone is reading a travel blog in the pandemic and he ends up reading about a loan offered by the website that the blogger had procured, there is a high likelihood that he would click on the link your SEO put there.

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Winding Up

SEO is a great tool to bring in traffic on your website and manipulate the user into the landing where you want him to. However, you cannot stick to one strategy. As time changes, your SEO technique should change as well.

Author Bio:- Alison Cooper is a financial author and expert at Target Loans, a direct lending company in the UK. In this blog, she has explained how the new SEO trends are significant for your website growth on the search engines. She has done quite a research to present this blog.

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