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Android Apps That Web Designers Can AnBenefit From

If you look at the Android app store you will find that there are several apps that have been created for the benefit of web designers. You can make the most out of these apps to make web designing a lot easier. You can thus make the job at hand more creative and hassle-free too. But since there are several Android apps for web designers, we have compiled a list of the best ones that you can use to good effect.

Webmaster HTML Editor

This app has been specially created for web designers because they have access to code editor on their Android device. Programming will be made much easier for you and you can also save or email it for future reference. Syntax highlighting, code completion, undo/redo, and edit is some of the highlighting features of this app, which also lets you, choose between light and dark colour schemes. Built-in virtual keys, popular key phrase support are the other factors in its favour.

CSS Reference

You often need help when you are working with CSS code and that’s where this app comes into the picture. The app has chunks of CSS code loaded in it, and you can find the code you want in order to complete your project. Whatever programming-related questions you might have, this app works as a reference for you. Thus it becomes a smart and quick alternative to your programming books.

Magic Colour Picker

This is another app that has made things easier for web designers. Quite simply, it’s a colour selection tool that works on a sliding mechanism, so that you can pick the colour based on your requirement. It’s a very powerful app that has seven different modes of functioning and you can also mix colours the way you want. 7 different modes of colours are supported and you can opt between sliders and palettes to adjust colours.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Yet another brilliant Android app that lets you edit and share pictures while you are on the go. You can do everything from cropping the pictures to editing the colours and adding simple creative effects by simply accessing the photographs you have added to your profile.

adroid Apps That Web Designers

Sketchbook Mobile

Sketchbook Mobile is a professional-grade drawing app that is also comprehensive and has been created for your mobile phones. You can use this app to capture ideas on-the-go or napkin sketches. Full-Screen work space and intuitive gallery mean you can view and save work in progress. Pictures can also be imported from Photo Library and Camera.

Web Rank SEO

It is one of the most useful Android SEO apps you can find in the market today because it gives you access to expansive current optimization data, including Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, which is useful to you. Basically, it’s a whole set of SEO tools that can be taken with you wherever you go and you can analyze your website for SEO in a matter of minutes. There’s also the in-built Sociometer, which lets you keep tabs on your social media activity as well.

Font application

It is a useful app for all web designers because it takes into account typographical works from various personal collections and can be geo-tagged to add to your font website. These works can then be easily shared on social networks. From neon, foil lettering, hand-painted and ghost signs, you can share various typographical gems with this app. Extended, full-screen experience with the community’s curated typography on Fontly’s interactive map can also be explored.

WordPress for Android

WordPress lets you blog from anywhere at any time and this app for Android gives all the controls in your hands. You might want to use the content for your website or the blog; it’s easy to create it on the go. From writing content on your site to editing it, publishing photos and checking stats, your options are practically endless with this app.

Photo Stitch Lite

If you want to create unique and brilliant images for your website then this app might just be the right option for you. It lets you take images of objects from different angles, thus giving you plenty of options. You can then upload them onto the app. What it does is, it allows you to use multidimensional images for your website by joining all these images.

PHP reference

If you are one of the web designers who like to create websites while working with PHP code then you are going to find this app quite handy. There are several PHP codes on this app, meant for your convenience. The app is quite simple to use and you have things neatly categorized to make everything straightforward. The PHP Reference lets you get access to complete references of PHP functions and constants.


VT View Source

Android browsers are minimal and don’t offer developer tools, which can be a limitation to some. VT View Source is an app compatible with all browsers and lets you view underlying HTML. All you have to do is ‘share’ the page URL and the app does the rest.

Solid Explorer

The stock file manager in Android is often seen as limiting. Solid Explorer is a Beta app that’s quite handy, firstly because of the two-pane window to move files. It also has various features like searching, sorting and bookmarking local and remote file access including root and networks. It’s simple to use and can be made the most out of by everyone, even if you are not a web developer.


Android is gaining in popularity each passing day and is becoming better with every update. Everyone, from individuals to enterprises, is lapping it up. It’s about time web designers started using these apps to their advantage. Remember, Google Play Store has many other apps for your benefit.

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