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Browserling – The Best Place to Get the Right Tools for Web Development and Web Testing

To create a website, web developers need a bunch of different software tools. These include cross-browser testing tools, various data formatting tools, data conversion tools, image conversion tools, etc. Finding the right tools for the right job isn’t an easy task. You’ve to evaluate each tool and see if it fits you. Then you’ve to learn to make an effective use of it. It takes a lot of time and effort to do that.

In this article, we will tell you in-depth information about Browserling’s web developer tools and their cross-browser testing software.

What is Browserling?

Browserling is a renowned cross-browser testing software company that has now also created more than a hundred free tools for programmers. Started by two kids in a garage in Silicon Valley in 2010, it’s become a popular service world-wide, used by governments and world’s largest enterprises.

What made Browserling’s tools popular among people?

People often search for free developer tools on Google. It’s been observed that the free tools available on search engines are filled with ads and sometimes even infected with viruses and malware. They often have confusing interfaces and dozens of useless configuration options. Using these tools can pose a high-security threat to the user and their company.

Browserling guys realized that this has to be stopped and they designed over a hundred tools for performing common programming operations easily, such as “URL escape”, “Prettify Javascript”, “Convert JSON to XML”, “Convert Markdown to HTML” or “ROT13 Text”, “Convert Hex Color to RGB”, etc. These tools are free to use. They contain no ads, nonsense or garbage. They do one and only one thing well and have no configuration options. As they say themselves “press button, get result.” Their tools use a novel approach and work on client-side and there’s no server-side component so they’re lightning fast and reliable. You can even download them for offline use.

What is Browserling’s cross-browser testing software?

Most web developers find website cross-browser compatibility testing to be a cumbersome task. To perform actual testing of the website, it is required to load real browser on several different virtual machines. Each virtual machine requires installation, maintenance and sometimes even licensing. This can prove to be a costly, complicated, and time-consuming task. To solve this issue Browserling created fantastic cross-browser testing tools.

Browserling’s core business is a light in weight and small cross-browser testing platform that offers support for prominent browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and platforms such as Android, iOS, MacOS, and Linux. It’s free to use for basic testing but the advanced features are available in paid developer plan.

Browserling also has its sister site called Testling that enables you execute JavaScript tests and identify errors prior to their deployment.

It provides two paid plans that offer secured local testing the browser via SSH tunnels, and access to Internet Explorer testing and mobile browsers. Besides real browser testing functionalities, this software solution also offers access to upcoming browser versions and browser screenshots.

By offering these free services, it has benefitted many people all across the globe to perform casual testing.

How to begin using Browserling?

Here we will tell you how to launch Browserling. You need to visit their website by typing in the address bar of your browser. Now choose the preferred browser and platform. This website is straight-forward to use and light-weight. It’s designed in a simple manner and it takes less than a few seconds to load.

Users who do not register themselves on the website can use browsers for three-minutes for free, and those who register on the website are provided with lengthier free-of-cost sessions.

With the paid version, you can enjoy unlimited use of all browserling features and tools, with no restriction on usage time. Browserling is interesting software because it does not operate emulators but it runs real browsers. This helps in providing precise results.

These tools are used by people all over the world. Browserling has over 16,000 users and thousands of free, unregistered users that do casual testing. Its easy to use interface, fast performance and accuracy makes these tools must-to-use to carry out daily web development and web design operations.

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