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How To Identify The Cause And Errors In WordPress

What is WordPress? In short, WordPress is free as well as the simplest web application that helps you create your website or blog, i.e, website development. You might be shocked to know that almost 40 percent of the websites are powered by WordPress. If you are to get to know WordPress on a more technical level, it is licensed under GPLv2. WordPress is also the largest and the most popular way to create an eCommerce store. It was founded in 2003. Now the first thing you need to do to…

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Start Your Personal Website With MilesWeb WordPress Hosting at A$2.03/mo

Have a lot of spare time at home? Why don’t you start a personal blog/website? It will not only help to display your talent to the world but also help you earn good income. If you can create craft for children out of waste or may be create some decorative paper bags, you can surely display those on your website. You can easily start your own blog or website with WordPress. WordPress is a popular CMS that helps to design websites easily with its easy to use interface. But after…

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