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Common SEO Link Building Myths That Must be Ignored

Since the advent of SEO, there have been many strategies that have been implemented for improving search rankings. Out of all of them, link building has been a constant and the most dependable one. There has always been a strong connection between link building and search engine rankings.

During the early years, the rules were less stringent, and popular search engines like Google would enable you to build links in whatsoever way. This would enable your site to achieve higher rankings in the search results. However, things have changed pretty much now. Google now penalizes the wrong building of links.

However, whatever may be the scenario surrounding link building in 2017, it is still a very beneficial strategy for generating leads. In this article, we would be discussing some of the SEO link-building myths that should not be given attention to and must be ignored.

Build Every Link Manually

This practice has become a thing of the past. Gone are the days when you could browse through any website, forum, article, or any of the comments section for posting your link. In today’s time, this process is not that effective as it used to be. Forming links automatically is considered a much better process now. The importance of high-quality content is unparalleled as people would want to reference, re-publish and quote it. This will allow you to earn a huge number of inbound links. The cost of creating such high-quality content is very high, however, it is much better than getting your links built manually.

Don’t Accept Links from Low Domain Authority Websites

Domain Authority will create the best relationship against Google ranking’s for a broad set of keywords. The quality of the website is not taken into account and whether it will be able to give you good editorial links. As a result of which, Google will be able to count them which will generate a good ranking ability. The links from a higher domain authority website will add more value than the ones with less domain authority. However, it will hardly make any difference to the newer websites. Getting editorial links from high-quality websites is a good option even though they have low DA.

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Both Quantity and Quality Matter

There was a time when the quantity of the ranking signals mattered a lot. However, talking about the current trend it all comes down to the quality of the links formed. Search engines like Google will not consider the number of links possessed by you. It will lay stress on the various sources the links are coming from and how relevant they are. It can be explained in this way that having 50 links that are split between 10 sources is much better than having those 50 links split into 2 or 3 sources. One high-quality link is enough for many other low-quality links.

Direct Linking Will Penalize You

Common SEO Link Building Myths

Most webmasters have a common fear that Google will have an effect on the process of link building. Yes, Google will ignore all the links that have been manipulated or are Spam. However, one thing needs to be noted that for you to get penalized you will have to commit something really shocking. The best way to avoid such a situation is to get high-quality links from different sources and not indulge in any of the unsolicited practices.

Links From the Same Website Are Of No Use

It is always better to get links from diverse sources, there is no doubt in it. Getting links from unique domains will enable you to achieve higher rankings. However, let’s suppose if you get a link from a very high-quality source and next time again there is a link-building opportunity from the same website. In such a case, there is no harm in getting the link from the same website. Links from the high authority websites will also drive more traffic to your website. You should always try to build links for high-quality websites.

Getting Links From Unrelated Domains Is Useless

It means that if a particular website gets a link from some other website that is not related to it, the link will not be considered by Google. But if the link is coming from a highly recognized place then there is no point in ignoring it. The link will be counted by Google Bot. Sometimes, getting editorial links from unrelated domains will prove to be very beneficial to you as your competitors might not be able to acquire the links.


Above are some of the SEO link-building myths that must not be paid attention to. It is better that you implement these methods of techniques in getting high rankings for your website.

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