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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Laptop for Architecture

Computers and digital are viewed as powerful tools for developing architectural ideas that can be further presented, explored, and evaluated. Thus the computer and associated technology has made the job of architects/architectural students easier and broadened the width of their innovative field. The architecture faculty are of the opinion that students should efficiently handle all available options of multimedia and thus switch from one mode of designing work to another with ease.

Laptops and personal computers have proved their worth in the designing realm in a variety of environments that include lecture & seminar rooms, travel studies, design studios, and even at home. The digital paraphernalia must be portable enough to lower the stress of carrying it around. Hence experts propose using Windows-powered laptops and personal computers and associated software.

Students in the undergraduate study should preferably have their laptops ready for required coursework in the second school year. While graduates must have their laptops work-ready for curriculum at beginning of the semester. The United States School of Architecture recommends that their students buy Windows 10 Pro Edition OS for its superior software configuration.

The Apple Macintosh computers enable running of both Macintosh & Windows systems on the same device with the help of a dual-boot system. The dual-boot method is preferred over others because it delivers a better performance than virtualization. Some architectural students may opt for dual-boot Macintosh computers over Windows-only devices. However, there are other options that are available for running Windows apps on a Macintosh by using different virtualization software process.

Finding the best laptop for architecture is never easy. There is always that anxious phase where you have to go through an extensive R&D period. We go through several hours of research- reading product specs, customer plus expert reviews, compare the different brands available in the market, and last but not the least, run off to have a chat with that tech-savvy associate we all have. It’s even worse for the computer-illiterate who have to deal with a bunch of technical jargons. Let’s take a look at how to get rid of all this panic and anxiety?

If you are an architect, architectural student, or a designer even maybe, whose work demands very specific computer configuration, you can use the 27” iMac. But both Windows and Mac systems are equally reliable options. You have to make a choice between the two based on your budget, the software to be used on a daily basis, adaptability of the device, and how much technically advanced you wish it to be over your peers (and rivals).

When it comes down to choosing between a desktop or a laptop, experts always tell you to go for the latter. If you are a student and you have to travel a lot (site visits, client meeting, fieldwork), portability is a big factor. It may not mean reduced weight though. A powerful CPU, a 15-17” screen and updated hardware may saddle your bags quite a bit- an acceptable compromise that you have to make with.

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