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Five Tips to Improve Website Rankings

SEO ranking factors change occasionally, and remaining updated regarding search engines algorithms is important. There are some factors that will rank a website within the first couple pages of the search engines.

Backlinks are still a strong factor in higher Google rankings and with other search engines. Top keyword rankings have a better chance with more high authority domain links. Websites containing low backlinks are filtered with updated algorithms.

Content is important for keywords to receive high rankings. The content must be unique and original to drive the organic search results. Professional help is available for those unsure regarding SEO optimization and creating content. Content should be updated every day. When content is posted, attention must be paid to the length. There are no set rules for content length, but more comprehensive and longer content receives higher rankings. The correlation between search engine optimization, content length and top search engine positions is close.

A websites responsiveness is a large contributor towards a high ranking. Desktop usage has been recently surpassed by mobile internet usage. This is attributed to the crawling mobile versions. The web designs for 445 media are responsive and responsible for making websites a lot more search engine friendly.

Websites compete regarding ping time and speed. Users are provided the best experience through search engine improvements to algorithms. This causes slower pages to have difficulty ranking with the first pages. Improving the speed of a website is important so it will be given priority by the search engines. Slow websites are irritating to users and not user-friendly. They are difficult to index and rank by the algorithms.

Google Chrome has recently begun to mark websites lacking an SSL certificate as unsafe. According to SearchMetrics, 45 percent of websites using encryption make up the highest-ranking websites. HTTP encryption is being used by visitors when visiting a website as a focus. When there are two websites, one with no encryption, and the other with HTTP encryption, if they both rank in the same position the visitors will choose the website that is secure.

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