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15 Free Texting Apps for Android and Free Phone Calls

Informing or content applications as they are regularly called perform the critical motivation behind conveying your messages to your picked beneficiaries. Here is an arrangement of the 15 best applications for Android telephones that let you message your companions, friends, and family, and so forth.


It is exceptionally convenient on the grounds that you don’t need to add your companions to the rundown, as it’s consequently adjusted with your telephone contacts. It then discovers different contacts that are utilizing Whatsapp and you can message them. Your got messages are left unread till the time you utilize the application.

Texting Apps whatsApp

We Chat

An alternate prominent messaging application that provides for you the choice of “Shake to discover a client”, which is the way you can add new contacts to your rundown. You can likewise utilize the application to begin a gathering talk with your relatives or companions besides. There is a unique QR code that might be utilized to welcome new companions to gatherings.

KaKao Talk

An application that gives you a chance to content and makes calls for free from wherever you are at whatever point you need. There’s no repetitive sign-up needed as giving your telephone number gives you a chance to get to it. You can add a secret word to get to the application, which deals with security. You likewise have the alternative of making gathering calls, which is an included focal point.


You can send and get any number of messages with this application. With the exception of information arrangement charges, there are no different expenses included. You can now make free feature or sound calls to your companions, relatives, partners, and so forth and contact them at the most punctual.


It’s an application that permits you to send messages as well as make free telephone calls to any numbers in the US and Canada, landlines included. Getting calls and sending content is free while it’s not difficult to add minutes to outbound calls. You likewise see when your message is perused by your beneficiary.

Texting Apps Pinger

Text Plus

You can send boundless free messages regardless of the kind of telephone you have with the assistance of this application. It’s a supporter-backed application that provides for you a free telephone number, which could be utilized for gathering informing furthermore group content, which is much the same as a talk room of the yore. You can additionally leave voice notes to your companions and make the most out of photograph informing choice.


A fairly exquisite and savvy-looking application, it offers you the flexibility of free informing with 128-bit SSL encryption. On the other hand, it’s paramount to note that encryption becomes possibly the most important factor when you contact a contact through a remote system. There is a sure number of messages you can send to clients who may not have the application introduced either.


It has gotten to be well known on the grounds that it’s adaptable and is a multi-stage application. You can send and get messages and offer a boundless number of quick messages, pictures, and features. You can additionally begin gathering visits effortlessly with Pingchat. There’s a push warning choice, which gives you a chance to get paramount messages immediately as you might want to.


An alternate prominent application that gives you a chance to make calls, send messages and offer photographs with different clients of the application in any piece of the world. Keeping this application on at all times means you don’t miss a call or message from a companion. Your current telephone number is utilized to login into the application and thus there’s no compelling reason to get an extra number.

Texting Apps Viber

Textra SMS

It’s been made by individuals who made Chomp, in any case, it’s noticeably lightweight and doesn’t have the ornaments of the last. The individuals who have more seasoned Android telephones, which make utilization of Chomp unpredictable, can make the most out of this application, which is truly easy to use.

Facebook Messenger

This is very much a helpful application given the fame of the social stage. You can swipe left to see companions you can visit with. You can then message them or begin a bunch of discussions. It’s effortlessly accessible on Google Play and gives you a chance to send voice messages to companions. You can likewise let them realize that you are adjacent.

Go SMS Pro

It is truly an extensive messaging application that permits you an imperative capacity for planning quick messages. Subsequently, you won’t need to stress over overlooking something essential. You won’t even need to wake up at unearthly hours to send messages. Notices might be tweaked with the goal that you can utilize diverse symbols, tones, and vibrating styles to guarantee that you know which of your contacts has informed you without taking a gander at your telephone.


Text Secure

Security is the greatest recognizing gimmick of this application. It prevents Android from taking screen gets, which is colossal in addition to. You can likewise request uncommon controls so that nobody; not by any means the legislature, is snooping on your messages. You can secure the application with the assistance of a pass-expression adding to your security. End-to-end encryption implies discussions could be kept secure.

Evolves MS

The format is basically amazing and has scenes, diverse text style, and content size choices. There are a few Emojis to anticipate also. A cool pop-up box opens for simple reactions and you can set discussions to private, utilize an example bolt and pick Home screen gadgets to get a complete and modified experience.

Texting Apps


Other than free content and informing you can make free voice and feature calls with the assistance of this application. It’s a cross-stage application, which implies you can utilize Tango to message them independent of the sort of telephone or gadget they are utilizing. That makes it truly flexible and from multiple points of view, widespread.

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