October 4, 2022


It is that time of the year when people give gifts to their loved ones, where they gather and spend time together giving out presents to each other. Choosing a gift seems to be such an easy task where in fact, it is really very challenging to all of us.

I have compiled here a short but sweet guide in choosing the perfect gift for your golf friends:

1. Keep Track and be mindful of the gifts you receive

Some of the time when your golf friends give you a gift, it’s something that they might want to have for themselves, may it be a golf cart or some other equipment you can utilize. You can begin to monitor which companion or relative gives you what gift. Likewise, assuming they remark on another gift that you get, make a note. You can buy these things when special times of year come around and give them to your difficult-to-purchase for loved ones.


2. Hand Make Your Gift

For those people who love to do art, you can make your friend a gift – a mug with a golf ball and his face painted in it? Or it can be a knitted headcover – yes that won’t be able to fully protect their clubs but a gift is a gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts. It can showcase everything you love about your friendship. You could also make something that has a practical use as a golf bag with an embroidery of your friend’s name. Sounds practical but really perfect for the occasion.

3. Find Out What They Need

Do they have their own golf ball? Do they have a complete set of golf equipment? Or do they have something to wear on your next golf meetup? This one is pretty basic and obvious. You might need to do a little detective task to find the perfect gift.

Do not worry so much, the internet is a wonderful thing, and there are dozens of platforms that can give you clues as to what your friend wants.

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