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Why You Should Always Use High PR Backlinks For SEO Purposes

Getting links has long been a crucial part of SEO and continues to be a cornerstone in having a successful SEO campaign. So does that mean you should go out and try to create backlinks wherever you can? Absolutely not! Search engines take into consideration which websites are being linked to your site. Let’s go ahead and take a deeper look into what types of sites you should be aiming for and which ones you should be staying away from.

Websites and Link Building Techniques to Stay Away From

Before we get into what types of backlinks you want, you need to understand what to stay away from. Ever since link building became popular, there have been so many strategies created that it can be quite easy to fall into a pattern of bad, unhealthy links. There are sites out there that will allow anyone to post on their site, and some of them even ask for money to do so. These are sites that won’t help your link profile, and can even hurt it in the long run.

These sites usually don’t have a specific niche they are in, which means that the traffic on the site is sporadic and their Page Rank is most likely extremely low. Once Google sees that you are associated with these types of sites, they won’t look highly on you and won’t increase your site’s ranks as high as you would like them.


You should also stay away from sites that are not relevant to your niche. For example, if you are running a website about cooking, then why would you ever guest post or be linked to an automotive repair website? Google notices these things, so don’t go off and post to irrelevant sites. In general, keep to your niche and you will do much better.

SEO Purposes

For a quick reference to sites you want to stay away from, here is a shortlist:

  • Low Page Rank sites
  • Low-quality sites
  • Irrelevant sites
  • Poorly designed and optimized sites
  • Low traffic sites

Basically, you should not link to anything you wouldn’t want to be associated with. If their site isn’t something you respect, stay away from it.

What Links You Should Aim For

Now for the good stuff. Now that you know what to avoid, it is much easier to figure out what types of backlinks you want. High quality, high PR, high traffic, and relevant sites are going to be the key to your link-building campaign. The higher you aim, the more effective each link will be. Finding these types of backlinks can be quite hard at times, but once you find them, will be extremely rewarding.

You can also use pre-made networks that make it easy to find high PR backlinks from Supremacy SEO. is a great example of a service that provides you access to high PR networks to allow for a much easier and effective backlink experience. By using high PR services like this, not only will you will save time, effort, and resources, but you will also come out with a much healthier link profile.

Maintaining a high PR link profile will ensure that your site’s credibility is as high as possible and will dramatically increase your site’s rankings. Don’t make the same mistake that countless other people have by underestimating the importance of Page Rank. A lot of people think that the Page Rank of a site isn’t something they should be worried about, but if it wasn’t important, Google wouldn’t use it.

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