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How to choose YSL foundation at Malaysia official online store

YSL foundation at Malaysia official online store

Nowadays with the different weather we have in the world, there are plenty of skin cases. Some can be melanoma that due to the hot weather. And some are prone to acne aside from the proper hygiene issue but also to the weather. Asians are more prone to have an acne. As it has different weather that can cause different skin diseases. Scars cannot be hidden, but there are a lot of products that offer great protection from UV rays. Another is that can help to hide the blemishes and scars. This may be one of the most popular to those who suffer from the past, but also used by anyone in blending makeups,

YSL foundation at Malaysia

Foundation has the main function in applying makeup, as it will lead to the blending. Another is that it will serve as the base before applying makeup. A foundation can cover different imperfections. Provides an even skin tone and provides what your finish desired.

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Why choose the YSL foundation? Get a YSL foundation at Malaysia’s official online store. As it cannot just help you to cover your scars or your imperfections, but also contains a moisturizer. That helps to hydrates your skin. Also contains sunscreen protection that can help you to protect your skin. While enhancing your looks and leave your skin clean and clear. These are the benefits from the foundation that anyone wants to have and experience.

YSL foundation at Malaysia

What are the benefits of a YSL liquid foundation and a Ysl powder foundation? There is a difference between the liquid and the powder foundation. The liquid is heavier on the skin but it is easier to apply than the powder. On the other hand, the powder is more natural in the skin yet it is not easy to blend. However, both have the same features. Formulated with a solid substance that can protect the skin.  And at the same time, gives a clear and even skin tone. This will help the skin in protecting from the harm of the sunscreen and also helps to moisturize your skin. It can help the skin hiding imperfections, blurs pores, and other cases.

YSL foundation at Malaysia

Another is that both liquid and powder foundation has different shades. Wherein an individual can get YSL foundation at Malaysia’s official online store. You just need to choose the right one, that will suit the color of your skin. Another is that you need to distinguish whether you have dry or oily skin. It is important to know the types of your skin as it can help you to choose the better one. For those who have dry skin, it is advisable to use the liquid foundation. On the other hand, for those who have oily skin, it is more recommended to use the powder. For such reason, that dry skin can concentrate more on the formula of the liquid foundation. And an oily skin powder foundation can help to absorb fast by the skin and helps to protect from any irritations. Another is that it is important to choose the right shades. Choosing between the powder and the liquid foundation. You need to choose your skin tone, as it can be easier to blend as it will complement the color of your skin. The right color can help to enhance more your appearance.

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