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Importance of Colour and Clarity when buying a Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

Importance of Colour and Clarity when buying a Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

Yellow sapphire stone is known for its crisp and bright sparkle and has fast become an alternative for yellow diamond engagement rings. Yellow sapphire engagement rings are far much affordable compared to yellow diamond rings and come with a higher variety of shades and cuts as compared to a yellow diamond engagement ring.

If you are planning to propose to your soul mate with a yellow sapphire engagement ring, it is important to know the importance of colour and clarity before you invest in a yellow sapphire engagement ring.

Different Shades of Yellow

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

While a large section of men is colour blind to different shades of colours, while buying a yellow sapphire engagement ring, it is essential to check the shade of the yellow sapphire stone. Yellow sapphire can come in multiple shades of yellow from lemon yellow to light yellow, golden yellow to deep-orange yellow and much more. While all shades of yellow sapphire appear magnificent and have their own brilliance, the value of the yellow sapphire stone is dependent upon the brightness and purity of the colour, i.e. the brighter and purer the colour, the higher is the value of the yellow sapphire engagement ring.

Yellow sapphire gets its yellow colouration from the trace element of iron. The higher the concentration of iron within the yellow sapphire stone, the higher will be the saturation of colour. Yellow sapphire can also have its colour enhanced using low-level radiation. While irradiate yellow sapphire stones are not dangerous, their colour can gradually fade due to exposure to light and heat. Most reputed jewellers do not sell irradiated yellow sapphire stones.

Clarity of Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

More than often, people are apprehensive about buying yellow sapphire stones, as they feel that it can be a synthetic stone or even worse, a glass imitation. It is important to buy yellow sapphire stones from reputed jewellers who offer a certificate of authenticity and genuine documentation for the yellow sapphire stone.

Yellow sapphire stones are graded under different categories, with Perfection being the best grade. Perfection implies that the yellow sapphire stone is completely clear to the naked eye.

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The other grades followed are Very Very Slightly included of the VVS and the Very Slightly included or VS. These grading categories recognise minor inclusions within the Very Slightly included, but not large enough to impair the appearance of the stone.

Inclusions are caused by the natural consequence of crystal growth, and even the best gemstones contain some inclusions. Yellow sapphire stones tend to have lower inclusion compared to sapphire stones of other colours. Also, before buying a yellow sapphire stone, it is important to inspect the stone for surface blemishes such as chips and scratches.

Rings Suitable for Yellow sapphire

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

It is important to select the right metal to set your yellow sapphire stone in. Most jewellers and ring makers prefer setting a yellow sapphire stone in silver-coloured metals such as white gold or platinum, or a darker metal such as yellow gold or rose gold.

The significance of Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow sapphire stones are also referred to as the “Pukhraj stone”, which is also known to bring in wisdom and prosperity. The yellow sapphire is also known as the zodiac gemstone for Virgo, and it is believed that gifting a Pukhraj stone on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary of a couple, ensures a prosperous married life.

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

The Yellow sapphire astrological benefits prescribed in Vedic astrology is one of the major reasons for the popularity of the yellow sapphire stone and its rise in price. Some of the yellow sapphire benefits include bringing in positive energy and good luck to the wearer of the yellow sapphire gemstone.

And She said Yes…

Women love coloured gemstones, and a Yellow sapphire engagement ring is the best way to go on one knee and propose to your soul-mate, especially if she is a Virgo.

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