May 21, 2022

Lockable Dashcam

Dashcams offers a wide variety of benefits including reduced insurance premiums and evidence in case of an accident. With time, more and more people have begun using lockable dash cams. A major benefit of installing lockable dash cams is the fact that the footage in them cannot be tampered with.  They are able to provide evidence of vandalism or hit and run incidents even when nobody authorized is in possession of the vehicle.

If you want to make the most out of a lockable dashcam, you essentially have to position it correctly. Also, in addition to that, you need to set it up properly. Geobox offersa variety of lockable dashcams from some of the most renowned brands that are easy to operate.

Prevention from parking accidents

Lockable Dashcam

Parking can prove to be an exhausting task, especially for beginner drivers who are more than likely to scratch other cars while they are in the jeopardy to park theirs. Being on the receiving end, it can prove to be frustrating to find your car scratched and damaged knowing that it was in perfect condition when you last parked. A lockable dash cam can be of great benefit in this situation. Plus, nobody can tamper with the footage of the camera either.

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In addition to that, a properly installed lockable dash cam is able to properly record vandals attempting to break into your vehicle when your vehicle is left unattended in parking or other places. A major pro of lockable dash cams is the fact that they can stay on throughout the night without the need for you to leave the car engine on. You can also operate lockable dash cams remotely from your house or other places and can send data to your personal device like laptop, computer or smartphone. Lockable dashcams provide the vehicles with utmost safety.

Finest lockable dash cams offered by Geobox

Lockable Dashcam

Geobox is the premier solution provider in Perth when it comes to mobile workforce technology solutions. The team of experts at Geobox holds an immense amount of experience ranging up to 3 decades. Along with everything else, Geobox also offers you the best and the most affordable lockable dash cams presented by some of the most renowned brands. The features and prices of the lockable dash cams vary from product to product and you can make the choice accordingly keeping your requirements in mind. You can explore through the rich collection of lockable dash cams at Geobox’s websites and make the purchase online. Vision Track, Roadhawk, Trackm8 are some of the renowned brands whose lockable dash cams Geobox provides at affordable prices. So, drown deep in the rich collection of lockable dash cameras and make the choice.

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