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Marketing Tips: How to Market your business on Social Media

Who doesn’t use social media now?

Such people are rare, rather an exception to the rule. In a social network, they communicate, argue, start a relationship, buy, sell, exchange – practically live. And if the business is not present in this virtual world, then it loses to its competitors, at least giving several dozen customers every day.

Social Media

Social networks are resources created for communication on their pages. Their functionality is growing, as is their popularity. Mobile users have long preferred social media over conventional sites. They contain everything, from news, recipes, what’s new with friends, entertainment, online shopping, to tips, and much more.

A place where many people are attracted to the business. Doing business on social media has become the norm and a successful marketing play.

Social networks to help business

How exactly can social resources be useful for business? What tasks can be set for them? There are two main directions, that is informational promotion and conversion (sales).

The main goals are:

  • Introducing customers to new brands, products, and services.
  • Increase in sales, purchase amount per customer.
  • Growth in the number of regular customers, followers of the company.
  • Increasing brand loyalty, improving the image, removing the existing negative.
  • Consulting and customer support on a variety of issues from selection and checkout to use, settings, and repairs.
  • Feedback, collecting opinions from the audience on new items.
  • Transitions to the site.

In all these matters, social networks improve or even replace a number of businesses in the cities where it operates. If you learn to use social media to promote your business, you can not only increase the attractiveness of your business among existing customers but also attract new ones.

How to customize your social media pages

Define your target audience

The target audience is divided into several parts; there are existing customers (that is, those who need to be retained) and potential customers (those that you need to attract), etc. An online marketing campaign should create the feeling that you are listening to your customers’ needs and appreciating them, but also strive to attract new customers. First, determine who your customers are.

How old is your customer?

  • Consider what social media tools your existing customers can use. You can conduct a survey and ask customers what they usually use and how they shop.
  • You may have your own assumptions, but researching customer preferences is also worthwhile. Analyze your competitor business’s social media data to understand the nature of their audience.

Create social media accounts

Once you have identified your target audience, create social media accounts. It is free and managing accounts is usually straightforward, however, you should still read the corporate user agreement as it may differ from the individual user agreement.

The most common sites are:

  • Facebook

One of the most popular social networks used by people of all ages (including seniors over 65). It is suitable if you want to reach a wide business audience.

  • Twitter

This social network is popular among young people. Its reach is not that wide, but it encourages the formation of small communities that can be useful to your business.

  • Instagram

This image-based social network is popular with teens and adults under 35. In it, you can share photos of the product, Salon, and the results of your work.

  • Tumblr

Many people are confused by the interface of this social network, but Tumblr can be used to work with an audience of 13 to 25 years old.

  • LinkedIn

It is one of the most effective career development sites, but it also allows you to publish content that can be useful to a wide range of people. This platform is suitable for working with potential customers, and also helps to build connections between Salons.

  • Pinterest

This platform is suitable for those with a lot of images. This social network primarily targets women between the ages of 30 and 50, especially those with an upper middle income.

Try using dedicated social media management apps

Many people think that working with social media requires hiring a separate employee, but you can do it yourself without compromising on quality. These apps are usually free. They are used to regularly publish content and track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

  • Sites like HootSuite allow you to work with all sites from one place.
  • You will be able to schedule the posting, measure the success of posts, and analyze all mentions of your Salon on social networks.
  • These resources are free, but there are also paid services.

Paid services allow you to create contacts from your page subscribers and track how well you work with them. You can also view the number of customers who check-in at your locations.

Market your business on Social Media

How to work with clients

Inform customers that you have social media pages

Perhaps someone will find your page if they search for it on purpose, but it is better to provide links to your social media accounts yourself. Inform customers that you are on social media, or display homepage icons at the checkout. You can also print links on business cards. Let your customers know that you are starting to actively work on the Internet.

Find friends/followers online

When you have your pages, you will need to start attracting subscribers who will follow your posts. Start with existing customers and gradually grow your audience. The first step is to work with existing clients. They need to know that you value their commitment to your company.

  • You should also partner with local distributors, that is, companies that sell or promote your product. For example, if you have a bakery and sell baked goods in bulk to coffee shops, start partnering with coffee shops online to attract their followers.
  • To expand your audience, try searching for keywords and topics discussed, then reposting or liking any posts or following the people who posted them.

Start posting on social media

These publications should be more than just advertising. You can post information about your company, about the industry in which you work, and share photos of regular customers who like your product or service.

●     Post photos of your product

If you offer services, take photos of employees at work or clients who like the result of your work. You can make closed promotions only for subscribers or arrange sweepstakes with the condition of reposting your record or photo. Write about special offers and share company news. If you have a Salon, advertise the deal of the day, special offer terms, and opening hours on your pages.

●     Be mindful of your target audience

If you are targeting older people, they most likely will not know what a hashtag is and what the common phrases and acronyms mean on the Internet.

Don’t forget that social media pages are a reflection of your company’s work. You can post something fun, but you should be professional. Do not post posts related to politics, religion, or personal beliefs.

Market your business on Social Media

How to get business value from social media

Listen to your customers

For your social media page to be popular, it’s important to listen to your potential customers. Read customer reviews and take them seriously. If you do not respond to complaints, the customer, who could have become a regular, will walk away and share the negative experience with his friends and family. Be positive about all reviews, including negative ones. Respond to all reviews politely. For example, “We’re sorry there was a problem. Please try our services again, and if you mention this entry, I will personally make sure everything goes well.”

Thank your customers for their feedback and concern. If many customers are saying the same thing, chances are you should make the appropriate changes if possible.

Like or comment on customer posts on your page. You can also find people who checked in at your establishments and like the photos of the establishment, or your Salon records.

Make sure your social media work is targeted to a specific group of people

Of course, you would like your page to be liked by everyone who comes to you, but this is impossible. In this case, you should consider whether your page should reach a wide audience, or is it better to focus only on the target audience. Don’t disown certain people, even if they’re not your customers, but remember that not all people will like your company.

Remember, if you have a narrow target audience, you will not be able to attract many people. If you have a narrow audience, post photos, and posts that people will love.

Be consistent in your online activities

You may be hoping that your online presence will help you increase sales dramatically, and this happens, but rarely, so you should be patient and act consistently. Accept the fact that it takes time to promote pages. How long it takes will depend on your customers, your target audience, and how much time and effort you’re willing to devote to social media.

Act consistently: Post something every day, reply to people, or repost.

Be patient: Social media pages will help your business, but the effect will depend entirely on your efforts.

Get involved in search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to change the content of the site and pages in social networks so that it helps to promote your business. With competent work with search queries, you can raise the company higher in the search results in any search engine. First, identify the keywords the customer might be looking for. You can use many combinations, but try to avoid repetition (the fewer keywords the better, so aim to fit within 1000 characters). It helps you to Promote Your business On Social Media.

Include any known spelling mistakes in your business name in your keywords so that everyone looking for you can find the information they need.

Create meta tags on every page of your site that has keywords. You need to know the basics of HTML to do this, so find a knowledgeable person or learn how to do it yourself.

Check your search performance regularly. You can use special tools for this (for example, DeepCrawl or Search Console). They will help you understand if your efforts have been beneficial.

Concluding Remarks

In order to survive on social networks, you will have to publish quality content and invest in advertising every day. Before you start working with Social media marketing, decide why the business needs it, and clearly set goals and objectives – preferably in numbers.

When drawing up a content plan, keep in mind the peculiarities of content consumption and the formation of a feed-in each social network. Remember that it is much more important to count conversions and that social media is more likely to appear in reports for associate conversions than direct conversions. The return on investment in Social media marketing should not be negative. But if you just started and it turns out zero or a small minus – it’s not scary.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If there are some queries or suggestions, then, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!


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