May 21, 2022

When the bedroom is too small it is necessary to give up a piece for another one. If the bed is necessary and the night table too, probably the furnishing that can be put in another room is the wardrobe, isn’t it?

Modern Wardrobe

Of course, the modern wardrobes are designed in order to answer this need. So, there are several solutions on the market that can help to arrange a wardrobe in a small bedroom. Let’s have a look at them.

The compositional versatility of modern wardrobe

The most relevant feature of the modern wardrobes is their compositional versatility. They are functional pieces made up of elements that can be combined in order to answer every space need and to ensure maximum capacity.

Modern Wardrobe

So, if the room is too small it is possible to choose the number of the doors and their dimension too. It will help to use all the spaces at your disposal, especially the heights. The vertical furnishing pieces give the impression that the room is higher. So the full-height wardrobes adapt very well to rooms with sloping roofs, mansards, and small bedrooms in which the wardrobe is built into a niche.

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Doors are usually designed with opening systems that allow the wardrobe to be integrated into any environment. So, if the bedroom is little it is possible to choose the sliding doors instead of the frontal opening systems such as that of the leaf doors or of the coplanar doors.

Modern Wardrobe

Also, it is possible to module wardrobes according to the shape of the room. For example, there are modern wardrobes that can be built with all-around doors and windows or wardrobes with a built-in bed in the center, or a reclining built-in bed. The reclining bed can be disassembled at night and crouched during the day in order to make better use of the spaces in little rooms as small as a studio.

How to make space look bigger

If the room is too small and there is just a little window, probably it will be necessary to find a solution in order to make space look bigger and brighter. So, another advantage of the modern wardrobe design is their capacity to make the room look spacious thanks to the use of innovative materials.

Modern Wardrobe

Contemporary wardrobes are made with materials such as transparent reflecting glass for the doors and aluminum for the structure. They amplify the brightness of the space thanks to their transparency and reflecting capacity too.

The thinness of the structure gives the impression that the space is not full of pieces even if it is so because of the small size of the room.

Modern Wardrobe

Also, the colors must be chosen in order to give to space more light. Black, brown, and the other dark colors are not admitted in the small spaces. On the contrary, it is better to choose light colors and natural materials such as white pine, walnut, or center oak.

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