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SEO Rank Monitoring in 2015: Is it becoming useless or gaining significance?

A few days ago, I have gone through a piece of writing which was focused on the presumed death of the monitoring tools of the SEO ranking. It has forced me to think – ‘Is it really going to happen? Then, what will happen to the tools that are hitting the market every day?’ We have to fess up the harsh truth that with the increasing online competition, Google is gradually becoming more definite to give us the results which are the most relevant using some specific algorithms.

The traditional method of focusing on the targeted keywords only cannot give top rank to your website on the search engine pages. For that, you have to turn back the hands of time of SEO, when you just go on filling your website with: ‘Click here to place the order for your tasty pizza and we will be at your doorstep with the ordered pizza within half-an-hour.’ Spam links and the explicit matches of the anchor-text were the rulers at that time making Google a jungle. But now, this online world has become more civilized. If you also want to become a part of this improved digital world, you have to shell out Google some ‘taxes’ in the disguise of quality and relevant links, contents, etc.



Does really rank monitoring of SEO losing its importance?

Today, you can enjoy a smarter experience through Google. With the algorithm of Google’s Hummingbird on the card, you can easily take in the mind of the user. You just have to find out every feasible search that is used by a positive visitor to land on your website. Tools of Webmaster and Google Analytics do an awesome job in giving you accurate information about the performance of the contents you have uploaded and also measures the traffic who visited your site. These types of information generating through monitoring show that SEO rank monitor tools are going to gain a more solid platform in 2015.

For winning a competition, it’s not only enough to sharpen your skills, but you also have to spy on your rivals to find out what they are doing. The tools of SEO rank monitor give you all the information about your rival’s doings on the social media platform by sending you the updates from time to time. We have to think like this- ‘Will a canon loses its significance in a battle? Then, how the importance of SEO rank monitoring will wane when the online battle is becoming fierce?’


In fact, the recent advancements have made this tool even more accurate. Its user-friendly characteristics have drawn the attention of a number of e-marketers to check their rankings at any time and from any location. You can easily get an idea of the position of your website is in different topographies on a number of search engines right away. It has become successful in generating huge business in the previous year, and its increasing popularity among the online users will definitely give it a bigger business this year too.

Hence, increase your SEO rankings and live a well-off life by using this all-inclusive amazing SEO tool.

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