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How to Share Blogging Tips in Chatwing Chat Box?

A few weeks ago, many bloggers have been sharing their tips and experiences in Chatwing’s collection of chatrooms. This seems to be a popular event—helpful for people who are just making their starter blogs. Joining this bandwagon can be helpful for your web exposure.

It’s all about niches

You can’t share a technology tip in a food-oriented chatroom. The visitors will just ignore you, and the admin may even kick you out. Therefore, you must focus your tips on the niche that you specialize in. Since Chatwingchatrooms have thousands of associated niches, you’ll have a plethora of choices. If you’re actually good at time-management, you can be an expert in two or more niches.


Chatroom linking

Chatroom linking

Chat Wing is a magical tool with a simple presentation. It’s straightforward and powerful. It has social media benefits, and you can embed it to your blog. You don’t want to embed? Well, you can just get the link to the chatroom and paste it to your Facebook wall. From there, your friends can check out your chatroom. This is called chatbox linking.

Another efficient strategy is multiple linking. Every Chatwing account is entitled to unlimited chatroom creation, and you can cross-link all of those rooms as often as you want. This amplifies the way you can share blogging tips. More importantly, this is a major caveat in popularity and web exposure.

Use images and videos

A good tip can create an impression if you associate it with images and videos (again, remember the niche). Fortunately, image and video linking are allowed in Chatwingchatroom. You can share as many images or videos as you want, but remember to adhere to the moderator’s chatroom conditions.

If you do your best, you and your blog will become popular in the Chatwing community. Just keep your tips honest, informational, and timely.

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