May 21, 2022

One of our favorite design spaces is the kitchen. It’s a place at home where everyone meets. Many of our lives are spent in the kitchen! We all dream of having a new custom space, with a big island and more cabinets that we understand what to do, right? The reality is that many of us have small kitchens. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how our small spaces work for our needs while they still look really nice. We designed our good part of the kitchen, and we saw all shapes and sizes. You do not have to sacrifice a style for a function, it a promise! So, the following are tips for designing a small kitchen.

Design Begin with a functional space plan

1: Begin with a functional space plan

An active floor plan is necessary for every size of the space, but it is most important in a smaller kitchen. A beautiful and nice kitchen with a strange design will never work. Make sure your fridge, sink, and stove are easily accessible and have plenty of space for easy use. Pay attention to the design of the cabinet to make sure there is enough storage space for the items you use on a daily basis.

Small Kitchen Design

Go through the spaces (literally or simply in the head!) To decide which distribution or layer will be the best option for you. Each aspect of design, from plan to cabinet, will make the difference between the small kitchen you like and the small kitchen that makes you crazy.

2: Select a pallet color and continue with it.

Kitchen pallet color

From the beginning, select the colors you want to work with and hold them. The introduction of too much color in a small space will be huge and overwhelming. Common among some expert designers like Cuisines Rosemere, is the selection of natural tree shades with gray and white elements. Then black appliances and locksmith hardware are included. Maintaining this system makes space more and more attractive everywhere. Irrespective of the colors you select, keeping it stable is a good way to go for a small kitchen.

3: The cabinetry should be broken up.

Kitchen cabinetry should be broken up

In a small space kitchen, storage is a big problem. However, too many cabinets can feel closed up and heavy, so we want to add one or two elements that smash them a little. Usually, this is achieved by selecting a suction board instead of microwave ventilation with additional cabinets, as well as by installing several open shelves. If the open shelves are not your thing, a perfect compromise is the glass door in some of your cabinets. These small changes will have a big impact on how open your kitchen can feel! Make a decision to open shelves above the kitchen sink, in a situation where there is no window for viewing. While the client is washing the dishes, he can look at the beautiful shelves instead of looking in the closet.

4: Carefully choose the lighting.

small Kitchen Carefully choose the lighting

If your kitchen is small, it is very relevant to ensure that your lighting works its job. No matter how much you use to make it feel bigger, bad lighting will always make space smaller. If there is no pendant hanging island, hanging one above the kitchen sink, add another level of lighting and make sure you do not wash the dishes in the dark.

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