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Start Your Personal Website With MilesWeb WordPress Hosting at A$2.03/mo

Have a lot of spare time at home? Why don’t you start a personal blog/website?

It will not only help to display your talent to the world but also help you earn good income. If you can create craft for children out of waste or may be create some decorative paper bags, you can surely display those on your website.

You can easily start your own blog or website with WordPress. WordPress is a popular CMS that helps to design websites easily with its easy to use interface. But after the designing part is done, web hosting comes into spotlight.

It is the key component of every successful website which is often overlooked. But remember that if you select the best WordPress hosting for your requirements, it will help to improve your SEO and increase sales. There are two types of WordPress hosting options available – managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting. Today, several web hosting providers have started offering managed WordPress hosting.

There are new web hosting providers and plans that pop up all the time, and the companies that are in the market tend to lose some of that personal touch as they grow big. Here’s a review of the cheap WordPress hosting Australia provider – MilesWeb. This will make your work of finding the best WordPress hosting provider easy.

About MilesWeb

The company was started in 2012 with an aim to deliver the best hosting service to all types of businesses. Based in India, MilesWeb has left its footprints in other countries too. Today, it ranks as one of the cheap web hosting Australia providers. Their services range from shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, reseller to Linux cPanel server management and managed AWS and DigitalOcean cloud.

The company was started to fill up the gap left by other web hosting companies in terms of features. They are popular for their managed hosting services and take the complete care of your server, allowing you to focus on the business growth.

MilesWeb has been popular for its outstanding performance and customer support. It is a highly recommended web host for individuals and small business searching for reliable and budget-friendly web hosting.

Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb offers three managed WordPress hosting plans as below:


A Quick Look At MilesWeb’s Features


For enhanced performance MilesWeb offers the below features:

Fast SSD Storage: Speed is the most important factor for any website. So, MilesWeb team offers SSD storage which makes the storage faster and helps you get 200% better performance in comparison to HDD storage. SSDs make use of flash technology which fastens their data storage speed.

Fast Provisioning: Waiting for hours to launch your WordPress sites keeps you on the behind the time. But at MilesWeb, the scalable cloud architecture allows you to launch the cloud instance in just few seconds and you can start your next WordPress website within no time. Also, features such as PHP7, LiteSpeed server caching, HTTP/2 support, etc. helps your WordPress website to run like the wind.

CDN: The WordPress hosting plans come with integrated CDN service. It enhances your website reach and performance of your site further offering the best visitor experience globally. Their CDN monitors the load time rather than time to the first byte. Moreover, it uses the gzip compression to reduce the data size and your bandwidth cost, offer high-availability and enable fast page loads.

Cloudflare Railgun: Provided by Cloudflare, Railgun is a wide area network (WAN) optimization technology for speeding up the performance of non-cached web pages. With Railgun the connection between your web hosting server and the Cloudflare CDN get faster.

Gzip/Brotli Compression: The gzip compression software is included in all the WordPress hosting plans for improving the delivery time for sites of all sizes. Additionally, the amount of data sent from your server to the visitor’s browser gets reduced, speeding up your WordPress website drastically. This further helps in reducing the server load.

Server-side Optimizations: The servers are specifically configured to get the best WordPress site performance. The server load per visitors gets reduced with web server caching, enabling gzip compression and setting cache headers leading to faster loading of website.

Caching: For any WordPress website cache needs to be cleared on regular basis. With caching the website load time gets reduced. The caching tool offered with WordPress plans checks for the data the loads frequently and keeps it ready to go when your website is requested.


You get the below security features with MilesWeb managed WordPress hosting plans:

Free SSL Certificate: They offer free SSL certificate that keeps your website secure from hackers and malware. It gives a signal to your visitors that it’s safe to share their information on your website.

SFTP Access: SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. You can transfer your file in a secure way between the networked hosts. The old FTP transfer was unsecure. So, they offer SFTP access instead of FTP at MilesWeb. It also helps you to manage remote file system by allowing applications to restart the intermittent file transfers, list remote directory content and delete remote files.

Secure Email: You can create unlimited email accounts with their managed WordPress hosting plans. You can create unlimited email addresses with IMAP/POP/SMTP accounts.

Other Key Features

Automatic WordPress Updates: Are you wasting your time in updating your WordPress? Switch to MilesWeb as they offer automatic WordPress update feature. The software at the backend helps in automatically updating the WordPress to latest version. Their technical professionals monitor the new releases and ensure that all the updates related to WordPress are installed on your website, instantly after their release.

Lifetime Free Domain: This is the most notable feature of MilesWeb WordPress hosting. You don’t need to pay extra for a domain. You get a lifetime free domain with their WordPress hosting plans – Heart and Diamond. The domain will be free till the date you continue hosting with them.

WordPress Preconfigured: You don’t need to work on configuring WordPress on your website. It’s already done on your account. WordPress is installed with all the certified themes and plugins with MilesWeb site. With this your efforts of setting up and configuring WordPress get reduced.

Datacenter Choice: Want to select a datacenter location as per your target audience? You can do that with MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans. You get the opportunity to select the server location as per your target audience.

WP-CLI: You can interact with your website via a command line or programmatically with the help of WP-CLI. They also include advanced commands such as wp-profile and wp-doctor to interact with your site.

Cloning: You can create a copy of your WordPress site and try testing things on it. Once you are sure that the things are working properly, you can install them on your live site. This saves your original site from getting exploited. You can do this with the help of cloning tool just with a single click. It is possible to clone your website while you perform other tasks such as integrating a new plugin’s functionality, implementing any significant update on your site, migrating your site to other hosts, etc.

Bottom Line

Apart from these features, you also get 24/7 support, 99.95% uptime and 30 day money back guarantee. Of course, you are getting almost all the features required for your WordPress site to run perfectly. So, don’t waste much of your time and start your personal website with MilesWeb WordPress hosting and convert it into a big business.

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