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Attention Android Users!! Stream Youtube Videos And Beat Your Boredom

Youtube has become one of the ruling platforms among other entertaining modes not only within a specific region but at a worldwide level. With the advent of technology, people started enjoying Youtube videos not only on their desktops but also on tablets and laptops. In contrast to this, it is not always possible to carry these gadgets everywhere.

So, with the increase in the number of Youtube users, Android offered amazing applications using which people can enjoy Youtube videos anywhere and anytime.

The only thing required is an internet connection. If you are already having internet, then download all sterling apps using which you can stream videos anytime and anywhere.

Stream YouTube Videos on your smartphone:

Music Tube:-

  • Youtube videos of iTunes bestowing amazing 100 songs in 60+ countries
  • Enjoy millions of free songs using Youtube
  • Easy browsing and searching elements for top music videos
  • The users can craft their own playlist and enjoy back to back free music from Youtube
  • Feel free to develop and manage the playlist
  • High-quality videos are supported
  • Features like shuffling and repeating have also been introduced
  • Videos can be shared with friends using Social Networks

Stream Youtube

MixerBox: –

  • This can be availed for free, but for a limited period.
  • YouTube playlists can be created easily and sharing is also privileged.
  • Personalize YouTube instantly from Facebook Shares and likes
  • Feel free to dig-out, enjoy and subscribe to popular YouTube playlists with Facebook friends
  • YouTube playlist will work-out for long hours
  • Share easily all the YouTube playlists with your friends
  • Attain easy access to millions of YouTube music videos and also follow the performance of each unsigned singer

Queue Tube:-

  • Get the pleasure of listening to YouTube even if you are using other apps
  • Create your own playlists locally
  • Seek YouTube for playlists or songs
  • Three play modes including Random, Normal, and Repeat
  • Album Art
  • Lyrics
  • Light-weighted, simple, and easy to use
  • Remote and headset support offers Pause, Previous and Next
  • Within 15 seconds, you can listen to your favorite YouTube music, just by installing this app

You Tune:-

  • Enjoy YouTune as a radio that will play random YouTube videos for you within the Music Genre
  • Just type “Reggae”, it will start playing Reggae Music just like Eek a Mouse or Bob Marley and others
  • Input the name of an artist such as “Biggie” or “2Pac” for listening to their sponsored songs
  • No need to type “music” after each name as YouTune will take care of it
  • Create Playlists
  • Play your favorite song under a specified playlists
  • Save recently played song to a playlist and no need to log to YouTube.
  • Play all the songs in the playlist consequently and randomly as well



  • It is a fully-featured video player which supports Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion videos
  • Allows flawless streaming of content to the smartphone
  • Create the playlists for all the amazing movies so as to access them instantly to watch the whole content
  • Video can be surfed in 1080 p and 720 p as well with high definition sound
  • Ser your videos in order to repeat and shuffle all of them as well to watch repetitively
  • Sync your playlists, favorites, and subscriptions using YouTube account by merging your content with definite convenience
  • The app is also a great way to blend all the media content not only from you but also from Vimeo and Dailymotion within a single app.

Managing is a “piece of cake”.


Tube Video:-

  • Pause, cancel, restart and delete the downloads
  • Download videos equally in order to boost and accelerate the downloading speed
  • Support gigantic video files that can be over 2GB
  • Resume broken or paused downloads, in case, they are supported by a website
  • Can be executed in the background
  • Different formats supported include 3GP, MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, MKV, and many more
  • Will automatically detect the links from Web Browser
  • A plethora of videos can be downloaded continuously or within a queue
  • Many languages are supported such as French, English, Spanish, and much more
  • Open all the videos using your favorite media player.

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