May 21, 2022

Auto Body Shop

Auto body repair shops provide services that are specifically designed to fix up the issues that the vehicles face with their bodies. Damages to a car can occur due to accidents or any other reason. Some cars get damaged to such an extent that their estimate exceeds the value of the car itself. But even if the damage isn’t that severe, it shouldn’t be ignored and taken to a collision repair center.

The damages can be as light as scratches, small dings, or dents or can be as severe as a damaged bumper and body.  Whatever be the level of the damage, when a car is brought to an auto body shop for repair, there would be a series of procedures following which the problems get fixed.

Identifying and Locating the Parts to Be Repaired

Auto Body Shop

The first step that any auto body shop will start with is inspecting and identifying the parts that would need a replacement or repair. This identification process would include the method of making a list of work that needs to be done to bring your car back to good shape. Depending upon the importance and availability of the parts, the cost might vary. In this, the auto body shop would look for the options both in the OEM and Aftermarket parts. On the basis of this choice, the next step of estimation would start off.

Making the Estimate

Auto Body Shop

Thus the next major step they would follow is preparing an estimate. The estimate will include the costs to repair the damages, the labor charges of the technician as well as the parts that would be replaced. The estimate will also list every type of damage the car has encountered and the procedure that will be used to repair it. As the cost of every kind of repair will differ from one to another, the quote given to the customer will differ as well. In this initial stage, the auto body repair shop will negotiate with the insurance company and as soon as the customer and the insurance company approve their proposal, the work will start.

Execution of The Final Repair Work

Auto Body Shop

The final step is to start executing the work in reality. The repair work of your car in an auto body shop will start with replacing the parts that are damaged or worn out with their new counterparts. The next step would be filling in the minor dents and scratches by pushing them out. A body filler is used for this purpose.

Once done, your car body will be sanded and then primed. The final step in the process would be repainting the car. Whether you choose to paint the entire car or parts of it, any experienced center like the Salisbury auto body shop would go at great length to match your car paint with the exact paint colors and finally deliver you with a finishing that should look like new without leaving a mark of repair work to be observed even through a microscopic lens.

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