December 8, 2022

Toner Cartridges For HP Printer

HP printers have been in the market for years now. Their demand kept increasing and during the pandemic, the sales were skyrocketing. However, when you buy a printer you also have to keep other printer supplies handy. This includes the most important thing, ink or toner cartridge.

People often think that buying brand cartridges is expensive so they go with a local store that keeps affordable and compatible ink cartridges. However, the fact remains that buying cartridges of the same board as that of the printer increases the life of the printer as well. When buying an HP ink or toner cartridge, it is important to understand whether the product is original or fake.

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Reasons to Buy original HP Cartridge

Toner Cartridges For HP Printer

  • Each HP cartridge is made after hours of testing and years of engineering to ensure that consumers have amazing printing experiences.
  • You can anticipate professional-quality documents with dependable performance, consistent page yields, and great results when you use Original HP printer ink and toner cartridges.
  • HP Original Ink and Toner cartridges are ideal for everyday printing, providing fast speeds and long-lasting color printouts.

Differentiate Between Fake and Real HP Cartridge

Verify through Smartphone

Open your QR code scanner application and look for the HP safety stamp. Using the camera on your smartphone, scan the QR code on the cartridge’s safety seal. Once your scanner scans the QR code, you will see a validation page.

Toner Cartridges For HP Printer

Tampered Label

Look for the following three indicators that your cartridge has been tampered with:

  • The pattern’s lines do not match.
  • Rather than being translucent, the label is colored.
  • The wording on the label changes to ‘seal is void.’

To double-check, the HP emblems in the blue strip should always be visible as:

  • When you tilt the box from top to bottom, the “HP logo” and “√” move in opposing directions.
  • When you tilt the box left to right, the “HP logo” and ” √” move in the same direction.

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New Security Label

Toner Cartridges For HP Printer

  • When tilting the box front to back, the letters “OK” and “√” move in opposing directions.
  • When you tilt the box left to right, “OK” and “√” travel in the same direction.
  • Copy and tamper protection has been improved.
  • Icons for toner and ink have been added.
  • Using unique gadgets and ink, advanced printing processes are used.

All businesses have at least one printer in their offices and nowadays-home printers are quite in demand. Ever since the pandemic started, students, people working from home are much dependent on online presentations, reports, and assignment submissions. However, there are still some things that require printed hard copies. In such cases, people do need printers at home and in the office.

Keeping printer supplies ready is imperative to keep all work running smoothly. Hence, buy your original printer supplies like black or tri-color ink before the machine indicates a low ink level.

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