October 4, 2022

Control your

Electric bills seem to increase every year. On average households in the U.S. spent close to $150 a month for electricity. Almost fifty percent of your electric bill is spent on heating and cooling. Finding a local HVAC company now that can help service your equipment is important. In addition, there are steps you can take to reduce and control your consumption of electricity.

  1. Control your Temperature Settings and Usage

Savings from ten to twenty percent on your electric bill can be realized by installing and using a programmable or smart thermostat. With a programmable unit, you enter the temperature for your home for different hours of the day, and you can vary that for days of the week.

Following the same idea, a smart thermostat learns from the patterns you set. It uses this information to make adjustments for you. Many of these thermostats can be altered remotely. Additionally, smart thermostats can track your energy usage. Sharing this information after you find a local HVAC company now with your service representative can help them provide other suggestions on using your HVAC system.

HVAC System

  1. Insulate your House

Many suppliers of electricity and HVAC companies will perform a free or close to free audit of your home. The audit will provide feedback to you such as the insulation rating of your home. Areas that need insulation or improved insulation will be noted by the auditor.

You can either hire a contractor to install the insulation or do it yourself. Once you find a local HVAC company now and if they performed the audit, most will be able to recommend contractors for you.

  1. Augment your HVAC System

There are three ways that you can supplement the work your HVAC system is doing for you and save yourself money. Once you find a local HVAC company now, they will be able to offer suggestions for each of these steps.

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Control your Temperature

  • Plant Trees

In addition to providing a shady haven in your yard, trees planted in the right location can shade your house.

  • Use Window Treatments

Closing window treatments on your southern and western windows in the summer can reduce air conditioning costs.

  • Add Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be used instead of air conditioning; they consume only ten percent of the energy that an AC unit does. Fans can also be used with your air conditioner or heat to better circulate the air.

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