May 21, 2022

This blog is about the Qualitative side of SEO, where we will talk about timeless traits that will never be outdated.

These traits are rather a necessity for both you and where you can take them. Either for a digital marketing agency, you want to apply to or for your self-employed track.

A sense of purpose

First, you should sit back and really contemplate what you bring to the table. You, as an aspiring or practicing SEO, do more than just search for keywords and optimize pages.

You nurture companies. You contribute to a much bigger role than you may think.

People nowadays are looking for information that helps them with their current problems, and search engines are they’re go-to for their solutions. This is where you come in.

You bring both a solution and a statement.

People buy with emotion justified by logic

You have to understand the importance of these words. You’ll be competing with hundreds or thousands of websites that offer the same products.

Ask yourself, what separates you from the rest?

People buy, or search not to enter into something, but OUT of it. People have problems they want to be solved.

It is your job to tell them straight on what is your website about? Do you have the solutions?

You only have a few seconds to tell people you have the way out.

On-page: think about this when you’re creating the metadata and the homepage of a website.

Off-page: think about this in writing articles that backlink to your landing page.

Passion and Patience

This article, along with the multiple SEO tips you’ll learn from, will tell you that SEO is not a one-time and/or one-night fix.

You have to love what you do as SEO is a field that requires work and stability.

It takes months to see results, and sometimes, they don’t pay off. Your research, bet on a move, then see the results. It takes a master of patience to keep making decisions through the good and the bad.

Passion helps here because you have to do what you love even when it doesn’t pay off. Keep moving forward.

Do what you love AND do what it takes

Be open

While SEO is a lengthy field, it also changes. The work continues to evolve and gives its share of excitement because more and more challenges are given.

Keep yourself open to new innovations and new strategies to get ahead of your competition. You have to hate losing to be a true SEO.

Spend to earn

This applies to both spending time and money in the field. Tools are here and are somewhat costly because they are indeed useful for those who want to get ahead.

Here are some useful SEO tools in 2018:



But don’t forget to keep updating yourself with new tools that innovate the way SEO is done! Remember the timeless trait of being open.

Have a template in writing

As you continue down the road, you’ll most likely write for a client for off-page SEO purposes. This can be challenging after a while, as you find yourself having a hard time recycling words and structuring articles.

You have to remember to have a template in presenting your point. You have to remember that you’re going to provide a solution, and it’s generally a good idea to talk about people’s fears and what you have to give them a way out of that.

Have a system of presentation.

Also, your articles concise. Blogs sometimes require comprehensive and detailed articles, but you have to clean your content as much as you can.

“How can I clean but be comprehensive?”

You have to constantly study ways people can continue reading despite the long content. My advice is to subscribe to copywriting tips, as people have ever-evolving attention spans.

It’s up to you to keep up.


There are just a few essential traits you have to remember. The concept is easy, but it will be challenged as you go along the way.

Remember to:

  • Have a sense of purpose.
  • Lean to people’s emotion, as people search with emotion justified by logic
  • Be passionate and patient
  • Be open
  • Spend to earn (but be careful what you spend on)
  • Have a template

Keep on growing and good luck!

Author Bio:- Jonathan Ayala, a digital marketing enthusiast. A believer in the new. In a world where people’s attention is ever-evolving, it is up to us to create content that continues to influence and hopefully inspires.

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