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Tricks To Soften Leather Shoes

leather shoes

For many, there is not a single thing more fun than buying new pairs of shoes, but this dream becomes a nightmare when you try them for the first time, and your feet begin to take the consequences

But this is not due to our small, but the hardness of the leather can cause scratches and injuries to the feet, which is too hurtful when walking.

So that this does not happen, I give you several homemade tricks to soften the leather shoes, this way they will not hurt you, and you will have the ability to use them without any fear.

leather shoes


Put on two thick socks and wear your leather shoes, then go through all the shoes the hairdryer at high temperature. Leave the shoe on until it’s completely cool; this will allow the material to warm up and soften.


Take a zippered bag and fill it using water. Remove all the air while you close it. Place the bag into the shoe and take it to the refrigerator until it freezes. Then you must remove it and let the bag melt naturally, this makes the leather stretch inside without spoiling it.


leather shoes

Spread the shoe totally with a moisturizer and do not clean them. The lotion will penetrate the material allowing it to increase its flexibility.

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Take a bottle with a sprinkler and fill it with a combination of water and alcohol. Spray the liquid on the outside and allow it dry.


With the newspaper, make a ball and insert it into the shoe, try to reach the tip. Take it to the freezer for a couple of hours. This type of paper allows the expansion of the material; in addition, the cold will soften the texture.


leather shoes

An additional way to adjust your shoes is to approach a professional and tell you what your best option is. I probably recommend using different lasts for some days to stretch the material.


Apply a layer of oil throughout the shoe, let it dry so that it absorbs completely these should not remain greasy. Once they are dry, you can spread another layer if you like them to be softer. Coconut oil, mink oil, ox foot oil, or saddle grease are perfect for applying to shoes. However, it is preferable to ask a professional which one you should use since they can damage the material.

Vaseline and Isopropyl Alcohol

Use alcohol to dampen a cotton ball and start to run it over the entire surface of your shoe. Let it dry. Once dry, place a little layer of Vaseline on the leather and allow it overnight. The day following wipe with a dry cloth to remove all petroleum jelly, you may observe that the texture is softer, if not you can repeat the procedure.

leather shoes


This form is the best known and used if you’re afraid to use some of these homemade tricks. You just have to put on a thick stocking and wear the shoes inside the house. This will allow them to be more flexible, but you must be patient because in a single day they will not soften.

So with these tricks, you can always be comfortable be acquire a new shoe. Visit this online shop granted apparel to choose from a variety of designer shoes, if you’re a shoe lover.

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