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Users of iPhone and iPad will get Google Now

The predictive search instrument of Google, Google Now, is at present available for the users of iPhone and iPad. This was previously available only for Android phones. Google Now is a portion of a revised Google Search Application for iOS. Google Now for Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS was a likelihood since March when Engadget came across a promotional video which suggested it would be able to make the huge jump.

The application was until 29th April 2013 available only on devices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or greater.


We’ve many times in the past written about Google Now. However, if you are not familiar with it due to some reason or the other, Google Now is the firm’s “search assistant” and offers predictive or expected search by the combination of active information dependent on the context along with framed data that is submitted on beautifully formulated cards.

The article entitled “The Amazing “Google Now” — When Google Searches Before You Think Too” written by Danny Sullivan provides an extra backdrop along with a reintroduction to this application.
The images below are screenshots presented by Google exemplifying the way Google Now will appear on the iPhone-absolutely similar to the Android version.

iPhone and iPad

The cards on Google Now furnish information on sports scores, traffic, weather, nearby locations, currency conversions, package training, movie showtimes and a lot more. It’s an ever-expanding list of classifications and information sources. It’ll even alert you to carry on searching for previously searched topics, for instance (flights to Amsterdam). The chart given below displays the entire range of material and data available with the help of Google Now.

Since we did not obtain prior access to Google Now, we are not sure if it will function in a different manner on iOS vs (Android version). However, it’s a certainty that it will succeed. You will be unable to swipe up from the lower part of the screen of the iPhone or iPad to launch the application. (However, have a look at the postscript given below)

Speaking normally, the application will provide absolutely similar matter and functionality in the iOS version as that of users of Android. The crucial difference lies in the fact that the entire range of data cards will not be available right away for users of iOS. However, we are of the view that this will happen eventually.

Google Now has become an irresistible product now and since its introduction in 2012, has improved dramatically. It also shows the way the future of search will be unlike what used to happen before. The combination search or Web history, information, and matter allow this application to provide users plenty of personalized information regarding plenty of things even if they are not asked for.

iPhone and iPad will get Google Now

Marissa Mayer, in 2010 (while employed at Google) was endorsing the concept of “contextual discovery”. This would allow the information to get to people depending on their location and what they do. In 2009, Mayer was discussing the ideal search engine that would have a greater deal of complete comprehension of the requirements of users and would be capable of delivering information or matter in an informative and understandable manner.

The application Google Now represents both these goals. However, the question now is whether users of iPhone and iPad will in reality use them.

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