May 21, 2022

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Do we need another website in this busy world? Another blog from Microsoft? That’s for you to decide so we ask you to voice your opinions. Tell us to keep things on track or change the direction if we’re heading off the rails. We truly hope this site can help show you who we are, what we’re about and where we’re headed. If you have ideas or stories that need to be told, please, send them our way.

Here are simple Guidelines that you need to follow for Oshup

  1. Each post should be of minimum of 500+ words and must contain an image free from authorization.
  2. Make sure that the post is original and isn’t re-written from any other blog or website. We are looking for well-argued thought provoking blogs on the latest improvements in the technological front.
  3. Remember that every post sent by you will be checked and re-checked by our editors to ascertain that supreme quality content is published on the site.
  4. Make sure you share your post at all social media to gain popularity.

Though we primarily deal with pure technology, operating systems and so on, if your area of interest is say, wireless communication, feel free to get in touch with us and get your thoughts and ideas published!

We have the right to edit your post if we think it is promotional or not suiting our site. Any affiliate link will be removed. Link is only allowed in the author bio or in last line of the article.

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