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You Need Dedicated Servers Because Of These Benefits

Having a website is not enough these days. It is really important that you build one and that you host it on a server that delivers the highest possible performance. This is much easier said than done. Usually, for most companies, the DED servers stand out as the best possible opportunities. They deliver the most power and you can so easily customize everything based on your unique requirements. Simply put, DED offers clear benefits, like the following.

Exclusive Resource Use

As you use a dedicated server, everything on the computer can be used by you. This is a huge advantage when you compare it with shared hosting. You practically own bandwidth, RAM, disk space, and everything else. Peak performance is always real and you have full root access. Settings can be configured and you can easily add the software you want. The fact that you have access to the root is an immense advantage of the DED.

Use the DED server to run the applications that you want or add some special security measures if you need them. You can even use a new operating system if this is what you want.

Complete Flexibility

The dedicated server can so easily accommodate the growing needs of your business. You choose the configuration and when the business grows, you can quickly modify all the existing applications and services. You will remain flexible as brand new opportunities appear and you have access to unexpected markets.

DEDs are scalable based on individual needs. When you need more storage, extra backup, or processing, the dedicated server is exactly what is needed. Keep in mind that modern consumers have really high expectations. They always want very fast access to products so you can deliver very fast page loading and enhanced user experience.

Improved Performance And Reliability

When you use a system and you have exclusive access, reliability is automatically increased. The DED offers peak reliability and performance. It is far less likely to be faced with server crashes and the website always has access to all the extra resources that are needed to accommodate high-volume traffic. For instance, when the front end has many images and videos, you do not have to worry about bandwidth.

When you do not want to deal with managing the server, you can always go for managed DED. This does have a higher cost than what you have to pay for shared hosting. However, you get access to increased storage, bandwidth, power, and more.

Increased Security

Last but not least, dedicated servers are only accessible by your company. This includes access to security monitoring and firewalls. You have much higher security against hacks, malware and DDoS is prevented.

A high-security level can be implemented when this is necessary. It is easy to install applications for the server, including extra access and security control. You have access to a very high protection level so you can be sure that you properly protect business data and customer data, among many others.

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